Playspace Mover



Has anyone been using playspace mover the “pimax” It’s a great tool on the vive however I can’t get it to work on the Pimax currently, has anyone found a way for it to work ?


Ive gone from playspace mover/input emulator to using only the most recent version of advanced settings, it has the functionality build in:


Cheers for the reply!

However I like the free roaming it gives unlike advanced settings, I think it’s just the issue with openvr and Pimax


Interesting, Free roaming as in touchpad locomotion? touch a direction and move in that direction?

I did have playspace mover working with my Pimax before i went to advanced settings 3 but i only ever tried the climbing around feature.


Just got a notification of my first popular link so i thought id throw this in here, its the latest release of openvr advanced settings, i recommend using it instead of the version i originally linked.

The version i initially linked seems to have an issue with seated games, sometimes breaking the ability to reset position, it is fixed in version 3.1.0 which is the current version at the time of making this post.