Please clarify "We are now at the hardware mass production stage"



Are all hardware/design decisions final at this point? If so, we need clarification on a few things, one of the most important being : refresh rate. What is the max refresh rate (assuming 80hz still?), and will the headset have the capability to run at 60hz (for video).


Bump for @xunshu please?


As stated in the update, the team is preparing the production line and improving the overall performance with software updates.
We will provide more info when the closed beta ends.


Would the next announcement be the shipping timeline? Or maybe my shipping number. :laughing:


And when that would be please?


That REALLY sounds like you’re saying the HARDWARE is final, and the only changes we can expect will be in the SOFTWARE.

@xunshu Please confirm.


Changes will be made in software, ux, and hardware accessories.


Thanks for the info!

It sounds like the foam facemask and/or straps needs to be updated. I can’t think of any other hardware accessories, which are headset-related.


Eye tracking module, hands tracking module,headstrap,…all those might need some modifications too.


Ok, so you are confirming that the HMD itself is FINAL. No more changes to the headset, only possible changes to “accessories”.

So that begs the question, what is the final refresh rate?


[quote=“Jean-Mehdi, post:9, topic:6742, full:true”]Eye tracking module, hands tracking module,headstrap,…all those might need some modifications too.
True, but the eye tracking and hand tracking modules won’t ship with the headset, so those won’t delay the initial shipments.


Very true very true :slight_smile:


The final specs will be updated when software fixed as well. [EDIT]


Oh come on, you said you are pleased with the hardware on M1. What else is to fix? -.-


The final framerate? Final Fov? Brainwarp?


I truly hope that new changes wont cause more issues…


That’s great news :slight_smile:

I’m impatient for the next update and hope it get soon, with my Tracking number if possible :joy:


I’m just taking the opportunity to congratulate @pimaxun on getting an actual response from Pimax

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How about MINE too? xd


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