Please clarify "We are now at the hardware mass production stage"


Myself? I had a good idea what I was getting into. Though was hopefull it’d be released like most of us by now.

Unfortunately I am in the otherside of the fence; @MarcoBalletta has been showing me a ton of nice goodies & I cannot back things for awhile.


Nop, i ordered the 4k 3 months ago to give a try and i sent it back.


Also got an Odyssey few days ago and it’s not for me …
Tracking is not as good as on my rift and software side not very optimised ( not a big fan of steam Vr and WMR portal).
i found that it has some distortions at the top and on the side of lenses, some drifting too and with my 1080 ti i can make my rift look very sharp so i ll send this one back too and wait, wait wait again.
Also, ended up with a kinda crossed eyes feeling after just 10 mins of use.
Picture is sharper and colours crispier but not enough for me to keep it.


I’m glad I will get a unit sooner than the public and I’m even more glad that it seems like we will get a product and that it appears to be pretty good. There’s always risk with Kickstarter, so you have to be prepared for the worst (and hope for the best). I’m sure I’ll back other campaigns, even though it can be frustrating (and disappointing) at times.


So basically you’re saying you wish you never discovered the 8k…? So you’re not happy about getting potentially (and it is obviously going to be) the best headset on the market in a few months…? I really don’t get you people…Jeez. Feel free to correct me if i’m assuming wrong about what you said though.


Cmon guys, they are on mass production now and you are jumping from the ship !!! we are almost in land !!! Incredible you are selling your kickstarter, Did you read the last update?? At least one more month.


let them be lol. No point arguing with them…


yeah. it’s wild to see it happening now. at no point have we been so certain that the headset would be a success. hardware locked in, going into mass production, reduced fov options to lighten gpu load, all most recent comments from testers have hinted at positive outcome. I don’t know how people cannot see it, and instead think we are on precipice of disaster.

  1. LA conference reports were less than stellar. Sure, you can believe they’re fake but they all looked pretty real to me
  2. MRTV hinted at many problems and a long time to solve them
  3. Pimax is now asking us about IPD, why do you think is that, just for fun?
  4. Pimax updates don’t contain ANY real info at all, only some vague statements to keep people calm. Look at this thread, this is comment 189 and still nobody even knows what this ‘mass production stage’ even means or implies.


Ipd makes sense to compare ipd measurements as there is likely variance in methods of measure. Also having an idea of ipd range can be helpful to ensure headset will work well. For example folks like yourself that have a wider ipd than the average.

There is always bound to have some hiccups along the way when venturing into new territory.

  1. The reports are text. They all look equally ‘real’. The two deal breaker issues that were raised were ipd (has since been made clear by testers that idp has to be carefully set) and tracking, an issue that the person reporting it said everyone had but which was reported by none of the other people who made reports, and which a tester strongly hinted is not the case.

2 MRTV absolutely DID hint at serious problems. and let me sherlock holmes you what they were, the software was dogshit (being addressed) , the ergonomics were off on facepad (being addressed) and it literally ran terribly on his 1070 ( narrower fov option added and being tested)

3 they probably used a 5-95 percentile idp range based on asian face and want to check what reality of western users is.


And all this ignores the huge volumes of positive comments that the testers have hinted at, including MRTV, as time has progressed. I’m presuming you have been keeping up to date with their daily videos right?

And you have noticed swiviver coming into various topics and politely hinting that various freakouts are unwarranted.

Like dont get me wrong, i’m happy that you cashed in your chips, because it was causing you a lot of stress. but as the testing has gone on all the negative signs from testers evaporated, they made various comments about their feedback being acted on etc , and pimax have outlined some of those changes, very precisely. You can just relax, you have no skin in the game. Maybe pour through swivivers posts and mrtv’s daily vids since that one that caused a stink (rightfully). You will get your chance to buy headset down the line, so its all good.


I would not even worry about the usual :wink:

Their goal is to just complain for wishing to create in some people useless anxiety


Yes. I love to talk with you about any new VR gadgets.

I do not understand the pleasure that some have of wasting time complaing with nonsense over the 8k Vr kickstarter campaign that they have pledged … did they complain the same way for all the other vr kickstarter campaigns that have passed their due dates ?


Well said. I think @sjefdeklerk requires a bit of letting off some steam he has been gathering for some time. Now he is let go of the risk, he needs to go let of some steam right now. He will be back on ‘our’ side again. I hope he will enjoy being around as a senior expert on 4K and 8K.


i understand his concerns in some ways especially because his ipd is pretty high compared to mine, but only a mm off swevivers… maybe i would not take risk in his place.

I do hope he picks it up down the line. the fact he is still posting leans in that direction.


I can understand some of tge frustration with the last uodate for example they revealed issues for delay like steam tracking sensors v2 & such. This folks would have had understanding.

While testing is being conducted different things could be updated on that wouldn’t compromise testing.

Over all i think there doing some great work. Just promote some of the bling. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


Shhhhhhhh… you don’t want the Illuminati/Freemasons/Syndicate/Smurfs to know you are onto their secret plan (making people super anxious and buying their pledges).

I personally deny any involvement in the plans of any of the diabolical organizations previously listed (especially the Smurfs) despite the fact that I started a topic for the sole purpose of trading pledges. :zipper_mouth:


I have no issue with any delay. Who wants to rush them to get an headset with problems that can be fixed by giving them time?

I do not believe 10 ppl complaining over 100 times more number of backers that say nothing and wait. It is off. There is not even need to hear that these few wants to give up their pledge . Just do it. Give it up without making a big thing about it. Their mean is to make problems


I agree but small updates are usually enough to put folks at ease. Whether it be a componet shortage or a bling feature.


Well. Only @sjefdeklerk complained :smirk: and he sold his pledge. So after he has let go of his tensions, he might be into the 8k back again. :slight_smile: So if Sjefdeklerk can turn around, why wouldnt more?