Please clarify "We are now at the hardware mass production stage"


"La sua soddisfazione , e’ il nostro miglior premio = “your satisfaction, is our best return”

The full video is here

Those pimax kickstarter 's complainers could help click those buttons to get the pimax released sooner :smiley:


What does not make me happy is something that has been discussed many many times about Pimax.
Basically, i would have prefer not to know anything about Pimax like i did with Oculus and then get an 8k. :slight_smile:


people demanded to see how sausage was made. XD


When u think that pimax 8k is something that would not stop with backers of a kickstarter campaign , but that it will continue with sales of a consumer version , having few giving up their pledge, makes you think that is useless to even talk about it .


You surely are the ‘glass half full’ type :slight_smile: But let me ask you this, with all your positivism, when do YOU think Pimax will start shipping to backers and at what point will you be disappointed?


I am not really sure what you are talking about. Maybe a language misunderstanding? I am with you and your innovative vision all the way. I like your style. What do you mean exactly?


I am just saying that there have been so many backers and of the so many backers, just few seems after a disturbing trend that is useless to even spend time to talk about and to interact with , because there are so many fine with waiting as long as it takes.
Moreover , the pimax 8k is not about just a kickstarter campaign but there will be an after kickstarter distribution of units, with a sale to consumers of a product that might even be different than that what they sent to us backers . So this is all a waste of time


No. Please don’t feel that way. I’ve seen some of your visionary projects. They look cool/hammer to me. I don’t think this is a waste of time. You probably are in the frontrowseat. If not, shotgun.


Waste of time to engage in these posts of complaints from the same complainers…


One of the reasons I only post when I feel the need


Not u :slight_smile:

I read in this thread the same old story


I hope that Pimax will start shipping “when it’s ready” and not a moment before then. I’ll be disappointed if the Pimax 8K isn’t any good (or has serious problems that aren’t addressed).


where did he say it was you who complained wtf…?


I hope that “ready” means: All major hardware issues are fixed, and everything else (remaining minor issues) can be done by software and firmware updates :wink:


Absolutely. Who wins and who loses and who feels like shit in a situation where a glass is half full an d I decide it is half empty. If it is truly 50 percent occupied and 50 percent unoccupied , and picking unoccupied makes me feel like shit, I would be a fool to pick unoccupied. I don’t happen to think this is that situation I think its a glass that’s 90 percent full right now and seeing it as half empty requires someone to drink half the glass. When will I be disappointed? Now. 5 months ago. I was disappointed when it was clear they would not go past 80 hz. I will be disappointed if something else negative is confirmed by a reliable source.


I think the software ipd solution that they’re implementing cannot work very well if the lens are fixed because no matter how well the software moves the images apart the (fixed ) fused lens could cause problems with different ipd’s , relection etc for some small / large ipd’s


the lenses are not fixed though afaik. the screens are. the lenses are not.


Sorry my mistake if that’s the case , I thought the ipd adjust was going to be 100% software


i believe it was originally.


If the lens can move apart then eventually they can fix ipd software settings