Please clarify "We are now at the hardware mass production stage"


Panels are fixed, lenses are moving



when can we expect another status update ?


I think you suffer too much for 700 dollar. In life you have to do a lot of shopping, a car, a house much bigger and you do not know how it will work either. +

For example a car can give problems from the first day and although there are guarantees you can touch a problematic car. The insurance of a car at all risk costs more or less $ 700 and in many years you will not even use it.

Or when you buy a house on a plan that is not yet built. Will you die of stress? You have to have more calm and more for innovative products that involve research.


This is very different from kickstarter. Buy a product, receive a product. WIth kickstarter its: give a company your money and then hope some day you’ll receive a product. And if people are perfectly fine with that, hey that’s great. But it’s just not for me.


Business edition is M2 stage.
It’s a batch of headsets to try mass production with few hardware differences compared to M1
M1 is only 20 headsets. So you need M2 before Final Headset.
But Pimax 8K is Hardware and also software.
The software is different from 4K version.
Because gamepads, lighthouses are not ready this business edition is a good marketing idea while they improve software and all accessories are ready
Final Edition for backers will be in Q4


nearly a year behind first target ,i hate to think the sales to date missed if all had went to plan,i should think they would have been filling orders from the open market by now