Please clarify "We are now at the hardware mass production stage"


I want that Pimax will ship all the units soon :slight_smile:

But since I’m backer #69, I hope that my unit will be in the first batch :wink:


If the HMD itself is final, I pledge for shipping them NOW!

The majority of all backers are PC, gaming and hardware enthusiasts - otherwise we wouldn’t have backed for such an amount of money.
Therefore, we all could live with some minor issues in the software as long as the headset itself works 80-90% in the first step. At least, I could :wink: We simply need confirmation that the hardware is ready and as perfect as it can be, and that everything else will be fixed via driver, software and firmware updates.
And then: Ship them out! Today, tomorrow, as early as possible! Please :slight_smile:

We know we might live with some minor bugs and imperfections at this stage - but if you confirm it will be fixed in the course of weeks and months via software download, I think many of us would like to give the 8K a first try on their own.

Or are there any major software issues, real show-stoppers? Driver crashes, SteamVR stutters, and the like?

Just be so kind and provide us - your community and your backers which helped you to get this far - with more detailed and cleaner information. This would avoid misunderstandings, wrong interpretations - and the sale of 8K pledges as it takes place already in a couple of forums, i.e. here in the Pimax forums, as well.
Best: Ship the first units out and trust the enthusiastic community that it will provide feedback and wait for further software updates and optimization.



The problem is they don’t want the first impression for people to be bad due to difficult software or other things, and we all know how bad the general person is to keep silent with an NDA.


I’d agree generally, if the whole schedule was more or less in time.
But due to the fact that we are already such late, no news are worse news than bad news.
And I don’t think that any backer expected to be the 8K the best and perfect, unbeatable HMD on the market right from the start with the very first power-on :wink: Of course, there will be firmware and software work which needs to be done - but that’s the case with any other hardware, as well, keyboards, mice, graphics cards, motherboards, etc., as well.

If at least Pimax themselves would list a bit, what is really ment with Robin Weng’s software fine tuning… It could be anything - from misleading text translations to not working comfort functions up to stuttering or crashes.
I, from my point of view, could also live with a bit more of software related ghosting or the like, if that’s the point. As long as it will be resolved in the course of the upcoming weeks or months, for sure. But at least, I’d like to KNOW what’s the problem. Of course, that could be some kind of bad publicity.

But saying nothing specific only leads to speculations and further misunderstandings which are somewhat worse than (bad) facts which could be addressed and solved.


headstrap almost certainly not finished yet ( unless we are getting cloth version until audio version is finished) and face foam needs tweak. please remain calm :joy:

happy to let them get their software where it needs to be, and thankful that the testers were able to help them with this.


Thanks for the update, xunshu. Nice to hear software/minor tweaks are to do and nothing else.


I always stay as calm as possible :slight_smile:

But why can’t Xunshu or Pimax simply say.
"Need to work on

  • Headstrap
  • face foam
  • software bugs
    if this is, where the issues are.

For the moment, we just can guess why it hangs…

I still believe the 8K will be a great HMD :slight_smile: But I’d like to have a bit more specific information.


Sweat? this is important, too.


What do you mean with sweat?
The face foam?
Yes, if that’s an issue, then yes, of course.
But why don’t they mention this clearly:
“issues with face foam causing sweat”
Then we would know where we are and nobody needs to guess and speculate.


I am referring to problems caused by sweating, condensation on the lenses, leakage of liquid to the circuits…
I know we’ll have fans, but it should be damp-proof.


I keep buying parts for my vive ,please deliver soon i need to save some money



But honestly: If the 8K has such issues, then the “hardware” / the HMD itself isn’t finished yet. And those issues won’t be solved with software updates.

I don’t have anything against bugs, problems and delays. That’s part of daily life. And of course, I could wait some weeks or months more (although it gets more difficult with every week ;)).

But why not stating clearly exactly such issues right from the start and officially: “guys, we’re still facing problems concerning sweating, leakage of liquids, etc. We are working on this, expecting two weeks of delay. Update info will be provided.”
Short, clear, no doubts left. Nothing more I want to KNOW if the shipping schedule can’t be hold. Short, true explanations.
No, instead of this, they talk about software fine tuning being left…

I simply cannot understand that information policy.

BTW: Do you KNOW of those issues? Or do you THINK, there are problems…? :wink:


Speaking of fans, has anybody thought about how they’re going to attach those to the headset? They looked fairly large so I didn’t think they would go on the underside or the hand scanner will be. I figured they would be on top but then I’m assuming they will kind of follow along the top of your head blowing down? Of course I know no one knows. I was just trying to figure out how they were doing this based on the pictures of their accessory list.


The reason Cdaked is raising this is because some users of the Vive had issues with their headsets having been damaged by sweat having found its way into the device and HTC notoriously rejected to comply with its warranty obligations - and even amended them (effective for any sale after that amendment date) to explicitly exclude such damages from their warranty obligations.
The recent laying off perhaps explains why they are acting as they are, desperately trying to save costs. Would not impress me as their customer though, after having paid the premium price they collected for the Vive.


Final FOV had to be a softwaresolution. When I understood the last KS Report right there will be both possible. 170° or 200° depends on your decision in pipolay software and game you have.

Framerate should be 80-85 like in past KS reports.

Maybe there are some problems in understanding the KS reports cause engl. isn’t my native language.



Iirc, Pimax has already stated that the deluxe audio strap will ship later. Of course, it’s possible that (given the delays) that the deluxe strap is almost ready to ship (and that’s what they are waiting for).



It sounds like you might be one of the backers that is secretly (or openly) using this headset for “adult” activities.


Because he has number ‘69’ you mean? In that case number 88 is a Nazi and number 666 the devil himself?


Who knows, maybe he could sell it for extra because it’s #69 (and you know how much the internet loves 69).