Please clarify "We are now at the hardware mass production stage"


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What is UX ?

Really do you believe people understand abbrevations!!!


User Experience - I had to search the web, the first time she used the abbreviation


Old people in this thread. UX is litterally everywhere nowadays


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User Experience dude…


Hey, didn’t know to :stuck_out_tongue:

So UI is part of UX but UX isn’t just UI, that’s it ?


Yes. I’m a software developer. One of the things we focus on (for our high-end engineering software) is the “First Hour” experience. How easy is it to install, find examples, find the parts you need, graph your simulation results, stuff like that.

Here’s a link to more UX info…


No need to show-off dude. If so, i’m web developer aswell.


Yes the User Interface is just the thing you use and how it looks and works. The User Experience is everything, your complete journey using the product, be it on a screen, touch screen, mobile, ipad or in VR even. And indeed from the moment you install to finally understanding how it all works. It’s the wholistic approach to using tech, instead of just how the buttons look.


So, just wondering, if I understand correctly, after intense testing from the testers, the hardware is now found to be ready and the team has been working for the last week to get the production line up and running. Software issue’s can be ironed out after shipment, just like it happened with the Pimax 4k via firmware and driver updates. So does this mean the first shipments are now going to happen in the upcoming days? Thanks!


I know all the backers have put down a lot of money for the 8k, but there isn’t much harm in waiting a bit longer to make sure you get a high quality product.

After all, you have already paid. The money is already gone, but unlike many backers of other projects you are actually going to get a product.

I’ve been on the forum for a long time, and if Pimax wants to polish the software, thats a great thing if the past is any indication.

The 4k had several software issues that the community had to work through and help fix the 4k. Patience will pay off for every backer.


Well if the hardware is ready, then why wait? I know, it took a LONG time to iron out the Pimax 4k issue’s but still, I was happy to receive mine, even though it was VERY far from perfect at the beginning (remember when we couldnt even run 1440p but max 1080p?). Even though customers bought the 4k online (not even via kickstarter), I think pretty much everybody accepted that the development was ongoing and not even near perfect. Heck, it’s safe to say that the first versions that were sold were not even beta, but rather alpha stage.

I’d rather receive my 8k now, buggy and not perfect than wait weeks (months?) before all software issue’s are ironed out. Or at least give backers that option. If others prefer to wait, fine. But i’d like to receive mine when the hardware is ready. Which is now, according to Pimax themselves. Remember, obviously the testers have given their OK with the hardware otherwise Pimax wouldn’t have said they were now in the hardware mass production stage. Also remember that Sweviver has now probably used the HMD over 100 hours, which he wouldn’t have if there were serious issue’s like IPD problems, he said so himself and that makes a lot of sense.

So … if backers are ok with the fact that the HMD will be far from perfect, but at least won’t receive any more hardware updates, then why not ship out to those backers already? They did so with the 4k and now we’re even kickstarter, not even online shops


It does sound like there’s some sort of problem though, probably with the foam face padding, straps, or maybe even the IPD adjustment. Something that doesn’t affect the local Chinese business users, but does affect the rest of us.


I would LOVE if it shipped soon because I’m going to a convention at the end of Aug and a dev will be using my computer to demo their game. Imagine showing up with an 8k as well to see it in super high resolution :slight_smile: I know its a pipe dream.