Please clarify "We are now at the hardware mass production stage"


Look at it this way: Pimax isn’t too quick to resolve bugs. They’re now having the hardware ready. What do you think will happen here if they’re now going to delay beyond just a few weeks? How do you think the atmosphere will be here when the hardware is ready NOW, but in October Pimax still hasn’t shipped out to nobody?

So I think the above solution is a very nice middle way for everybody.


This is why I would be more than happy for Pimax to share the 8K with a handful of seriously involved modders. But I do not think that even just 30% of the 5,000 backers are really capable of helping Pimax here, and besides, even if they were, who on earth is going to manage the input from 100, or 1,000 or 5,000 modders ? All of them playing around with the firmware at the same time ? That is completely and utterly unworkable. You don’t want this to become Star Citizen do you ?

No, get a team together, let them communicate, perhaps split tasks if necessary/helpful to manage it not getting too big. But no more than 10-20 at max, if I were the project manager.


Well it’s not only about helping Pimax. It’s also about giving people what they want. I can predict now that this forum will go bezerk if Pimax won’t start shipping before august, when the hardware was ready in june already. And it will only get worse from there on.


I already plan to write a review for a German site, promised to a couple of people impatient to see what the 8K is capable of.
Nevertheless: In my personal environment, interest in VR is very conservative and manageable: I just have 2-3 friends, who are interested to see a demonstration, and none of them tends to be a blogger anywhere. Well, and my wife and my son certainly will try it once, but for sure, they won’t tell or post anything to anybody anywhere since there is nobody who would be interested in that (my son is 8 yrs old).

So, of course, I’d like to share my experience with others in the internet. But I am not as ambitious as to be one of the first neither would I risk to break any NDA for that. My only purpose is: The HMD itself from hardware side is ready, I was able to get the 4K work with a much “worse” software the 8K will have already probably, and I’d like to play my games in 8K-VR first of all for myself and not for 15 minutes of fame on youtube…

Therefore, both Pimax and I (and @sjefdeklerk and others) could benefit from such NDA-agreements, as mentioned already by others: Trusted backers could play and test, and Pimax would receive more experience information in return.
I don’t care about the first half an hour till the 8K is installed… as long as it works then as intended. Furthermore, I am certainly not a (semi-professional) modder - but I am willing to test it, try it, find work-arounds as I did with the 4K already. According my experience with the 4K, once everything is configured, I don’t need to start the 8K-software everytime - I start SteamVR, play, enjoy and relax :slight_smile: Nothing more, nothing less. If there’s a problem, I’ll share it with Pimax, look for solutions, and as soon as it works again or as the software or firmware gots improved by download, everything is fine for me.

I am certainly not so eager to publish the very first and most exclusive review of the 8K - there are much better and more professional people out there for that than me :wink:


No. I would be fine if you get it cause I know you’ve been someone who’s helped pimax fix some issues of the 4K (don’t know what exactly). So, I know you’d be useful to pimax. But I REALLY don’t agree with everyone (or even a 100 more backers) getting it and agreeing on an NDA. It’s just not ideal lol…it would be chaos. Leaks everywhere, pissed off backers who couldn’t get a headset with the other 100. And you really think UploadVR and roadtovr wouldn’t pounce on the opportunity of making articles about it…? Nah bad idea, unless it’s just you and anyone who helped fix issues with the 4K so they fix all these issues quicker.


Yeah, those would not only lose respect from the community, from potential buyers but also will lose respect from hardware manufacturers. Who would ever take those magazines serious again? And I’m not even talking about the legal problems: It’s easy to see that breaking such NDA would have negative impact on Pimax business, so it’s not the question IF a judge will rule in favour for compensation, but the question is how many dollars will they have to pay if they’d do an NDA breaking article.


Ah, now we are nearing the core of the disagreement here. My suggestion was aimed at getting the best support for Pimax to release the product in a good shape, and that it would allow you personally to have the 8K at home earlier than the rest, well, that is solely due to your capabilities and merits from the 4K time, and not at all because you are a backer. If the choice was to give it to either a backer, or somebody like you who is capable & willing to help but no backer, I wouldn’t think twice to say “give it to the capable non-backer”.

This forum goes berzerk every couple of weeks, but if Pimax have a really promising HMD in their hands but know that it will be much better in 3 months of stealthy concentrated work, then if they are smart they will spend the further 3 months, wheather the next shitstorm as they did with the others, and release a prodcut, which, if it is as good as it promises to be, will let hundred-thousands of non-backer VR enthusiasts phone their banks to release the money to Pimax accounts. If they by that time have a couple of hundred disgruntled backers, they will not care. Especially because these same backers will be running around like proud apes once they get their 8K and will tell everybody that they are a backer of that fabulous piece of equipment. They will forget the pain and agony of waiting for it. How long did we wait for the Rift CV, man. It took like forever. Do we talk about that today ? No.

As long as the 8K is truly great when eventually released, everything will be forgotten. If not, then it doesn’t really matter anyhow because they will have wasted a great chance and who knows if by the time they get everything fixed somewhere middle of 2019 there is not already a new competitor on the screen who then occupies the center stage of public opinion.


Well do keep in mind that Pimax needed more than a year AFTER RELEASE to come up with decent drivers for the 4k. Given that the 8k is WAY more complex with its tilted panels and wide FoV, that there’s no info whatsoever for the Pimax developers to consult, that those next gen problems are problems that nobody has an answer too, I’m predicting/speculating that it might take more than a year this time. So maybe end 2019. Do you want to wait till then? If not, what is your ‘breaking point’ ? I mean at some point there will be (better) competing products so there IS a point where you can just say that the delay ruined everything.

So in that case I think the path they chose for the 4k, in combo with an NDA is the much better solution.


But oh well if nobody agrees with me here, then yeah, sure, just select 10 including me :wink: I mean, I’m just trying to make YOU, my fellow backers, happy here :slight_smile:


im not a backer. I’d love to give the headset a whirl. Lol they already implemented my FOV idea, I have a few more. :smile:


I agree, I agree!!! Please choose 11 including me :wink:


LOL, well I think this is for backers only buddy :slight_smile:


Yeah, I know lol. If I had the money, I would have backed it, but not owning their HMDs hasn’t stopped me from trying to help.


Not agreed, let the river flow, it was the same with the 4K; it was half finish software, it would be the same for the 8K. The testing period was for the 10 tester. We are almost at the end of this project, @sjefdekler what is your backer number?, I remember you got out and then re-enter, are you trying to get ahead ??? :wink:


But weren’t you happy you could at least own a 4k panel, even though there were tons of issue’s. That’s what I’m getting at here. I don’t mind software issue’s. I would be quite frustrated though if Pimax wouldnt start shipping this month. I think I’d rather sell my backer share right now if I knew that they’re not planning to start this month. Can’t handle the frustration, hardware ready and then waiting for ages for them to ship it out …


I am simply hoping that they can improve it within 2-3 months and release it in autumn. If it takes another 9 months, yes, then they could better release it now because in 9 months we will be expecting the Rift II or Vive 3 or any other new competitor to take center stage in nea future.
Then it would become the Magic Leap of VR - something which really sounded sexy, but by the time it is released has lost the interest of the majority of VR enthusiasts and will likely not be ahead of the competition at that point in time either.


Please not be so negative, it will be shipped soon, trust me, remember I told this July mate, at least I hope so.


Well this is not about being positive or negative. I really think I will just sell my share if they havent started shipping out this month. Like I said, this is a REALLY complex venture with those tilted wide FoV panels, I’m sure Pimax is struggling with really complex issues. If we need to wait till they’re solved, well then I’d rather just watch the process from the sidelines. Way less frustration.


You bought the Vive Pro, so give us a break - we are the ones still looking through the old school SDE screens … I thought you said the other day that this has made you much more relaxed. I see that effect wore off quite soon… (which I can understand given the statements of Sweviver & MRTV…) :wink:


Haha yeah the Vive Pro did chill me out somewhat but man, you’re still looking through ski glasses :slight_smile: The Vive Pro in combo with wide Fov, what the Pimax is claiming to be, man, that would just rock hard! :slight_smile: