Please clarify "We are now at the hardware mass production stage"


You want to sell if they dont ship ASAP? I think they are doing the best they can at the moment. 6 prototypes in this amount of time is increduble.


Well like said, I’m predicting that it will take a LONG time to iron out the software issue’s. This is not going to happen in a few weeks if you ask me. So if that’s the plan, yeah, the position you are in, waiting at the sideliness, seems much more relaxed


Thats why I made the suggestion a couple days ago thar they should open source their drivers, firmware, etc.


I will do some long range travelling in Elite Dangerous now. If you just do the same over and over and over again, you get a psychological tunnel vision anyhow - and that’s where you no longer get annoyed with the current gen’s ski goggles effect … Colonia, here I come !! :wink:


Pimax said that the headset is ready, but there are problems with the accessories. I don’t think they will hold up shipment for the software, since that’s something that can be fixed after shipping the HMDs. Also, the software can’t be too bad, since their business partners will be using it. Rather than making the situation even more complicated, I think they should start shipping to ALL backers, once the accessories are ready.


Not so sure about that. Once they ship the 8K to backers, it’s out in the wild in its ‘as is’ state - subject to review, opinion, thrashing. If they feel it is not good enough to have Youtubers & press review it, they won’t ship.


Then why are you complaining and saying you’ll sell the pimax headset if you don’t get it soon…? Seems like you’re just crying at this point mate…


i dont hope it looks like the vive pro with a wider field of view at all.

Because i returned the vive pro because of the very small sweetspot and the terrible godrays and the resolutie bumb was also not that great i think.

I hope it will be much much better!


It is way way better.


Eh? How so? I’m just saying I will sell my backer pledge if they’re planning to fix all software issue’s before shipping out, that’s all. I’d prefer to wait on the sidelines in that case.


So you’re hoping for a better version than the Vive pro with wide FoV? Hmm… that would be something for sure. I’m just hoping they can attain the Vive Pro level with wide FoV, would be good enough for me for sure. Honestly I doubt they will attain Vive Pro level though. Seems extremely complicated to get everything right with a wide FoV. Besides we already know they cant attain some aspects of the Vive Pro like black level and brightness. I personally dont mind much about that though.


Another option besides giving an NDA could be to give backers the option to receive the “business edition” or the “consumer edition” and have the only difference being the software level of maturity. That way, reviews would caveat saying this is the business edition with less refined software


It’ll look sharper than the Vive Pro. Even though the Vive Pro has a better resolution on paper, the Pimax 8k’s screen uses an rgb stripe. This means that instead of having 2 subpixels like the Vive Pro, it has 3.


That’s true and surely will be an advantage, next to of course the bigger FoV. But we’ll have to see how well it compares to the Vive pro in terms of godray’s, feeling of immersion, stability, correct tracking, geometry, distortion etc etc etc. Also the Vive is just plug and play, Pimax never reached that with the 4k, I wonder how well that will be with the 8k. All these things can make or break the HMD. I mean, even compared to the Vive Pro, I still would prefer the Pimax 4k’s display panel. But I will NEVER even connect the Pimax 4k again, compared to the Vive pro it’s really just a 1 compared to 10. Just the fact that you cant adjust the IPD, that destroys the whole HMD for example for me. And no controllers makes it useless for gaming anyway. So just saying, display panel alone is really not the whole story


Ok thank you @xunshu for confirming that the hardware is final, but it would still be nice to get confirmation that your engineers are planning to support variable frame rates (60fps for video).

If such support is not possible due to a hardware limitation, and the hardware is now final, then this headset is doomed.


I really doubt that the hardware would somehow limit the minimum fps of the headset. That doesn’t make any sense at all. I’m sure there’s gotta be another way to lock fps besides an official way.


Respectfully, that seems awfully melodramatic, for a feature that many of us will never use.


I don’t understand how the hardware is in mass production stage if there are still two different versions of the lens beeing tested by the beta testers ?

Is it corresponding to the business and classic version ? Or did you already receive enough info from the beta testers to choose which of the two would be the final lens version ?


My take? The final (new) lenses arrived at the factory and will be used on all headsets. The M1 “Mark 2” has just arrived for the next round of beta testing. No more lens or other hardware changes will be made. Possible changes to accessories are still pending, like an improved face cushion.


Please let’s not start the speculation train again.

We only know what pimax has shared, we can talk about any of it and I have been enjoying the ideas but speculation without fact is just that…Speculation.

I don’t want the community here to read the last few posts and assume something has been said further up the feed.

I can’t comment on different lens since beta testing started as pimax has not commented on them, even if they exist!

Please feel free to discuss anything that @xunshu has posted about but let’s not wander off to far please

Thanks very much