Please clarify "We are now at the hardware mass production stage"


I honestly still have no idea why 60hz would be so important, I’ve watched videos in my Vive with no issues.


8K Gold Edition: Gold Chain (non-removable) with the phrase “8K” in Comic Sans.


Others will also play Elite Dangerous, but few (I think) will be flying out to Beagle Point in VR.


I am planning to do exactly that - with the Distant Worlds II expedition starting once the big Q4 update of the Beyond season has been released. It will be a test of mental strength to endure the repetitive nature of activities during such time but I am looking forward to it.


Did you go on the original expedition? The pace of travel (for me) was brutal, but worth it. I played 4-5 hours every day for months. My upgraded AspX has twice the jump range, so that will help a lot. The hardest part was going home, on my own. I made it back with 6% hull, but I did make it.

I think playing it in VR will make DWE2 even more of an experience.


No, was not engaged in ED that much at the time (still have only logged some 300 h). Indeed engineering has made it quite a different proposition nowadays, and I honestly would never have rhe opportunity to spend so many hours a day several days a week doing that - my wife would divorce me… This time it will be approx. 5,000 ly per week, that‘s completely okay. If I find time I can do some exploring and go off the (not so) beaten track, if I am in a hurry, just go straight for 100 jumps.

I am still undecided on the ship to use. The Ana provides more range and slots, but I really appreciate the view and agility of my AspX. I am clearly leaning towards the latter, but it will be a short notice decision…

So you are joining too ? Cool, perhaps we can meet up occasionally.


Yes, I’ll be going. I plan to get a Guardian FSD booster and do a bit more light-weight-mod engineering before we leave, so my jump range should be ~60+ lys. I’ve logged ~1800 hours (and my wife isn’t particularly happy about that). :slight_smile:

I can’t stand the Anaconda’s limited cockpit view, so I’ll be taking my AspX again, even though it means I have to be choosy about my modules. I strongly recommend neutron star boosting, so be sure to pack an AFMU. PM me, if you want load out (or other) advice.

It would be great to meet up at one or more of the checkpoints. I’m on the East coast of the US, but I work with a team in California, China, and India, so I’m sort-of on California time. I usually start playing after midnight, local time.


I tried twice to get to the core. But both times, I found myself in exploring and discovering systems and planets “where no one has gone before”… :wink:
After appr. 2000 lys, I already had so much valuable data, I decided to go back and sell it instead of loosing it due to some mistake or misfortune.

It is now almost one year since I last played ED - so my ships probably will show a lot of rust :wink:
But I think latest when I got the 8K, I’ll make another try. “Just once in my life visiting the core and Sagittarius A*” (at least in VR if not in RL :grin::joy:). On the other side, it’s perhaps better to do some training again before :wink:


Official answer to the intial question from the past:

“When we move on to the mass production stage, we will have relatively unlimited supply,”

To me that looks like it will will available for the open market soon and not only shipped to backers. I expect preorders opening in the next two weeks and product available for ordering in 6 weeks.

My guess would have been that they will show the consumer 8k on the Gamescom in the end of August, but they arent listed as an exibitor :(.


Well it’s still entirely possible that some VR devs will showcase their games on the pimax. (who wouldn’t want to :slight_smile: ? )


This is very likely because 1) you don’t know in which particular circumstances it would be quite handy to have a 60Hz feature 2) your eyes are not perceptable to motion issues caused by fps/Hz mismatches anyway. Both is very common and in fact I envy folks that do not see it and will never grasp the idea of freesync/gsync, so obviously you won’t need what you can’t see,
For me it’s a curse, some friends use to laugh at me for beeing overly perceptable on those mismatches.

I do not say that it is something pimax should focus on now, but in his defense, there is definitly a reason why this is desired feature. If you wanna read up on that topic check my vr player thread. Although I sent the oculus go back, it made a big positive difference playing 60fps footage on a 60Hz screen especially with fast camera movements.


so… now they are in mass production stage… i am assuming they are shipping already… do we know at what # we are now?


Hmm I think you’re skipping ahead. They’re in the “stage” of mass production. We don’t know what stage :smiley: Though, the graph said they’re at 200-300 units… I guess that’s per month? So you can do some math I guess :stuck_out_tongue:


There is no indication where Pimax is at the moment. We all have to wait and see.


They may be shipping, but if they are, only to the business customers. I suggest you read their latest update, because if you had you would not have asked the question this way.



I think the OP is right. You are keeping us way too much in the dark, be more transparent please…


Surely that is per week


Great work detective.


No it’s per month, they once said it


I am sure you are confused with the units made by hand…