Please clarify "We are now at the hardware mass production stage"


I don’t know if it applies in this case but it could be similar to high fps monitors. You don’t really know what you are missing until you try it and go back to 60 fps.

First world problem:

  1. 4K 60Hz monitor with Freesync
  2. 1080Ti only supports Gsync
  3. Has to settle for Vsync

I agree that variable refresh rate (or just a few presets, like 60 fps) would be a good feature to have. The main problem in his case was that he basically claimed the product was doomed without it and just deflected anytime he was asked for sources.

Not sure if sarcasm :confused:
Anyway, better to know what you are talking about before potentially calling someone out on something. That would probably reduce a lot of the flaming on this forum.


Wasn’t being sarcastic :joy:


I rarely use emojis anywhere except this forum. I sometimes throw one on at the end to help clarify tone and dodge the flamers.


I can’t wait tell we can get to a point (resolution wise ) in ED where the stars and space in General Doesn’t look like a flat backdrop , really hope the 8k helps with that.


I am afraid that this particular issue probably exists independent from the headset - I have never played ED flat, is it different there ? I would fear that this is just how Frontier implemented it, as a texture sphere in some pre-defined distance. Perhaps it would have helped to make it rather 10 or 20 semi-transparent spheres each in a different distance to create more depth perception.


But that would unrealistic. All those stars are at optical infinity; they should look like a flat backdrop. Consider the night sky on Earth. The planets look like they are part of the same flat backdrop as the Milkyway, even though they are much closer than the nearest stars.


That’s actually the main reason I’ve become pessimistic about this project. If things were going good, then why keep us completely in the dark? The only reason to do that is because things are going bad. I’m guessing there are tons of issue’s with the HMD that won’t be resolved anytime soon. MRTV indicated it, we had the LA reports, Pimax is NOW asking us about IPD (instead of 2 years ago) and no official information AT ALL only some vague statement about mass production stage, while nobody knows what that even means.

Anyway that’s my personal take on it. I think we’ll be looking daily at photoshopped funny pictures for a LONG time to come :slight_smile:




I actually do hope you are so wrong :sob:


Me too. We will see…


"I think we’ll be looking daily at… "

Wait a minute… you sold your Pimax ticket because you couldn’t stand the daily anxiety of waiting for news, info, progress, etc, yet you’re still perusing the forums to check (I presume) for news, info and maybe some sign of progress. What have you gained? I think you should have kept your Pimax ticket! :confused:


Well it seems at least half of the daily visitors here are not backers, maybe even more. I’m now one of them. What I’ve gained is that it feels a lot more relaxed now. No more that feeling of investing in something and then not hearing back anything at all while the other party has your money. I think that was my main frustration. It does feel liberated now for sure.

That doesn’t mean I’m not hoping that this will be a success. I’m still hoping one day we’ll all have this HMD before the competition releases an alternative.


“That doesn’t mean I’m not hoping that this will be a success. I’m still
hoping one day we’ll all have this HMD before the competition releases
an alternative.”

Understood. I think we’re all confident we’ll get something (their best effort) someday so I’ve not been worried that Pimax will steal my money. I guess you might have hedged your bet though in that if the competition comes out with something better first you’ll be able to buy that without having to dump your Pimax. I think though that you’re going to pay more for a Pimax if you do decide to buy it later.

But if you feel better now with the situation then that’s a good thing for you.


Others seem to think they’ll be shipping out one of these days though: It’s interesting for sure to see how this pans out.


Yeah Nvidia sucks when it comes to supporting opensourced tech


Personally, not happy at all that Pimax decided to ship The BE edition before backers headset.


Not at all. I sold mine too. I stop in once in awhile. But now its like reading the local paper. The news is interesting but most of it does not impact me. I agree that it all seems very strange… the vague updates, asking for IPD now ? If Kickstarter allowed refunds I think they would be in for a big hit. I obviously do not know anything , just going with my gut. But yes it is best to sell the pledge if you have no confidence in the project anymore. You can still follow to keep up to date… that is not unusual. Curiosity is what it is.


Did they ? They say a lot of things. Almost always it is something that allows a delay to backers or gives more time to pimax to develop without giving backers real transparency. You can take them for their word and that is fine. But I have a hard time buying anything they pitch anymore. On one hand they could tell you that they are shipping to X and Y first, and you will be NEXT… how long will you be NEXT ? Well that is one question they never answer. Edit: I personally do not think backers will see units until 2019… we shall see. I will be happy for everyone if it is sooner.


In one hand i am very happy to be a backer and get unit before general public.
In the other hand, i wish i never came across that company .
Pimax 4k was a very very very very big disappointment for me and sent it back less than 24 h later, could not bother wasting time trying to get it to barely work properly (no offence to 4k owners ).
And man…That kickstarter campaign convinced me to never back a project anymore.


Well that doesn’t make any sense…
You were incredibly dissapointed with the 4K… Yet you still jumped in and backed the 8K… what? :smiley: