Please don't look down on Made in China.



Please don’t look down on Made in China.
As a person who is engaged in the VR industry and loves the VR industry, in an occasional facebook discussion group, I met a guest who was looking for a VR device. I am leaving a message saying that our company is a leading company in China’s VR industry, and we can help him build a VR project. As a result, I received a reply from the guest: Sorry, I will never consider buying a Chinese VR device. As a Chinese, I am very disappointed. Is this a misunderstanding about Chinese manufacturing and Chinese technology?

Throughout the world, in terms of the total output value of the manufacturing industry, the “world factory” is by no means a name, and China is the first in the world. Once upon a time, the most common impression that “Made in China” gave foreign consumers was “mass production” and “poor quality”. Even many Chinese who travel abroad are very worried about the “Made in China” printed on the items they bought. However, with China’s goal of transforming from a manufacturing power to a manufacturing powerhouse, “Made in China” has begun to make great strides toward “China’s quality” and “China’s wisdom”. Nowadays, new products such as virtual reality experience machines, driverless cars, and intelligent drones are emerging one after another, and research is deepening. Made in China, it is transforming China’s intellectual creation and creation.

From the beginning of processing trade, at the expense of excessive consumption of resources and resources, relying on low labor costs, lack of core technology and the pain of independent brands, the image of “Made in China” is going away. “China’s wisdom” will become a big and strong Chinese manufacturing industry. New business cards that achieve leapfrog development, enter the world in terms of innovation and comprehensive competitiveness.


Simple fact is the quality of items coming out of china is still subpar on far too many things.


Are you refering to the Iphone? It’s manufactured by Foxconn.


MY opinion about this no personal diss.

I agree that quality from chinese products have risen a great deal. For many products the difference is not noticable. So good job!

I do want to note something else: I work at a steel producing company in europe. We are having an economical crisis because imported chinese steel. Chinese steel companies are owned by the goverment so even though they are producing at selling prices which do not cover their costs (losses amended by gov.) they keep producing an 500 million ton extra steel. Which is being exported all over the world. Ofcourse with the decisions from a certain US of A blocking that import all that import comes to europe.

We in europe are at a disadvantage since we are single companies who get less help from goverment, need to pay co emmission taxes for every ton above allowance for a company. These prices are rising while chinese steel is being imported at low non environment (paid for) friendly steel. And ofcourse EU never considered till this point to have CO tax on imported goods…


The Chinese look down on “Made In China”


Ignore the bigotry from people man. Many people have preconceived notions about quality vis Chinese products. Many people do not (in my country for example,) realize that China has made insanely great strides in manufacturing, (and other countries are too.)

Many don’t even realize that nowadays when it comes to manufacturing infrastructure (factory equipment, tools, etc.) much needs to be bought from China, before you can even have high capacity manufacturing domestically, because western countries spent decades out sourcing for labor.


I was just thinking about this… I’m not sure people understand how awesome this is…

We can get tech today that we would otherwise have to wait 3 - 6 years for and/or pay 5x for…

There’s a reason there are no consumer alternatives to Pimax yet…

It’s not about “China”… everything is made in China, virtually all of the “quality” stuff

It’s about super early ship dates and the most ridiculous specs built from custom hardware… not taking 5 - 7 years to ship v1…

To me this kind of project + speed of hardware and software iteration is super impressive, and I’m happy to deal with some amount of bullshit to get this futuristic wizard tech today


Generalizing that products from China are good or bad, safe or dangerous means nothing. To lay blame on China alone for the poor quality of its exported productaybs is simplistic and misleading. … Nearly every product being sold in the United States that comes from China has a U.S. partner or customer. Maybe biased people should read this article:


There are two parts to this, @OWATCHVR. First, because China makes so many products, almost everyone has a house full of ‘made in china’ things. When something breaks, you get angry and look to see who made it. It will almost always say “made in China”. When something works fine, you rarely bother to see where it was made. If people did, they would see “made in China” on those products too. But they don’t, so the association is with product failures.

It doesn’t help that of course there are high-quality and low-quality factories in China, and of course it is much easier/cheaper to make a low-quality factory, so there are more of them, selling more products.

The other part is that there is currently a global movement towards conservative populism and isolationalist nationalism. This rhetoric causes people to value locally-made products over everything else. China, being such a massive outsourcing hub for manufacture, necessarily draws the ire of people with these political leanings, as it represents globalism, which is something that the current generation of populist convservatives intensely dislike.

The most bullet-proof part of my sim racing rig is the chinese-made Hangzhou Mige servo motor that I use for my direct drive steering system. It is probably the most bullet-proof thing I own, actually; I have literally never encountered a problem with it. It is a case of you-get-what-you-pay-for, as with everything and everwhere else.


My experience with chinese goods is that it has all the parts but very few of the genius insights of why they are there. Usually because the design is copied to look the same without knowing why the design came to be.

It looks good but will break when used as intended. Or it has the newest features but lacks an important item to make it all work together. Or the name is great (8K) but its the lesser one of the two possible meanings.

Or when I got a 360 camera that bends to form a 3D camera, it has the on/off button on the bending part so pusing it will bend the camera and you need to put it back again. Looks awesome, works like a clown tool.

Minimal design (copied from Apple) but the minimalism hinders the use of the item… etc. etc.

You have a long way to go.