Please list the games you want to see in the following 8K demo


Simply put the name of the game here.

Pimax, you NEED to show off "The Vanishing of Ethan Carter VR" on your pimax 8k. Most realistic looking vr game ever
Revive compatibility
Pimax at CES 2018 - Let's help them prepare for this important event

Elite Dangerous (Ship menu, game menu and the ship entering the station)
Windows desktop with bigscreen or Virtual Desktop
Serious Sam the second encounter.

Thanks Xunshu !


Elite Dangerous(station docking, station menu, missions menus)
Arizona Sunshine
Project Cars 2


Arizona Sunshine

It would be great to see how much easier it is to shoot distant targets.


Il2 Battle of Stalingrad
Assetto Corso
Maybe also Killing Floor the new VR version, been a fan of 1 and 2
Thanks xunshu


Subnautica (yeah, it’s EA still but it’s quite stable and the immersion effect would be awesome at 8K [pun intended])


For demonstration purposes, Valves The Lab, is a complilation of experiences and has had overwhelmingly positive reviews and would be easy to set up especially for showing Pimax to those who might be inexperienced with VR. The graphics are awesome and it runs very well with the Vive and it would really showoff the Pimax resolution in the best way. Just my suggestion if you want something easy and looks really good and that most would appreciate. My other personal favorites would probably be to difficult to set up for demonstration purposes no one wants to waste their time with a demo trying to figure out complicated controls with a difficult learning curve. Sure in my own home and in my own time I have spent hours just trying to get a game to work half way descent using VorpX but this would be entirely not appropriate and unfair to demonstrate such a thing for a short 5min demo.


Doom vfr

Dead effect 2 vr

Nature’s Treks VR -looks awesome lots positive reviews

Definitely consider the above low cost.

ED of course. & something like project cars.

-Bullet Time vr demo


the ones i want to see have already been mentioned so i wont bother repeating it.


I vote for Arizona Sunshine, Elite Dangerous, any flying simulator.


Project Cars 2 is the obvious choice. People want to find out what is like looking into the distance.



Elite Dangerous X 10
Project cars


Those who haven’t check out nature treks is a good relaxing game with great visuals


Elite: Dangerous - but spend time to tune the graphics settings. It’s a game that needs to be tuned.

Fallout 4 VR - it’s due for release in two days. [Edit: My bad, for some reason I had October in my head, it is actually out in December 12, not October 12]

Onward - Something compedetive and active. Also screen resolution in that game would be a huge advantage to see

Project Cars and/or Assetto Corsa


Elite dangerous
Project cars 2
Eve Valkyrie


Elite Dangerous
Project Cars
Assetto Corsa


Fallout 4 VR , I completely lost track of time watching the kickstarter and reddit for anything Pimax related and forgot about Fallout 4 releasing. If so yeah that would be my ultimate choice if its available prior to their demo. Then again with the assumption it runs appropriately and doesn’t have frame rate issues.


Hate to break it to you guys but Fallout 4 doesn’t release until Dec 12,


Dang, thanks I was thinking that was a little to soon but wasn’t sure. ok.


It will have to be Elite Dangerous and Assetto Corsa