Please list the games you want to see in the following 8K demo


IL-2 Surmovik BoS, BoM or BoK…


subnautica - vive found distortion in 90 fov
narcosis - helmet style (it look this game can show high fov when we play in non-vr mode, but not sure about get fov by sdk)


Il2 Battle of Stalingrad


-Assetto Corsa
-Elite Dangerous
-Project Cars2


Lone Echo
Arizona Sunshine


Elite Dangerous! Assetto Corsa


Don’t forget onward with the downfall map guys! I wanna hear reviews say what seeing enemies that far is like.


Would love to see how these games look on the new 8K

Star Trek Bridge Crew
The Solus Project


Elite Dangerous
War Thunder


Most seem to be suggesting seated games.

I would suggest do one game that is Seated and gpu intensive and one RoomScale game where the user has to quickly move (e.g. Onward, Arizona Sunshine).


People are largely listing their favourite games rather than games with issues that should be addressed (like the legibility of text in Elite Dangerous) or that work well in a demo setting. E:D has a fairly hefty learning curve if people haven’t already played it with a controller. I think Blarp is actually almost accidentally excellent for a demonstration: It adjusts to the player’s pace, it has extremely simple rules, the grid walls show distortions, there is high contrast, the playing field surrounds the player making a wide field of view valuable. There’s also no artificial locomotion, and it uses the analog triggers and motion controls effectively, in a way that would really benefit from a wireless system but doesn’t immediately demand it. The one missing component is a high resolution element, and it doesn’t make use of trackpads or joysticks.


My reason, similar to yours on this, is why I suggested Valve’s “The Lab” from panoramic vista’s that would showcase the FOV and resolution to simple easy to learn games and also extreme detailed graphics.


True. A particularly simple test is at what distance you can read the clipboards. One thing the Lab does well for VR, however, might make it slightly less good at demonstrating resolution; the adaptive rendering. If the GPU can’t keep up then it will simply downgrade rendering quality. In e.g. E:D, that choice can be set manually. I would hope a mobile 1080 can handle the lab for the 5K/8K though.


Check out Nature’s trek good for graphics & roomscale its relaxing & friendly


The irony in all this?

  • Pimax use Elite: Dangerous footage in the promo video for their product.


Project cars 2, Pavlov,


The only reason id say onward over Pavlov, is most default pavlov maps are small, while onwards downfall map is big and on a vive every dark bush at distance looks like an enemy lol.


Nature Trek VR would be awesome to view in this.


oh my god please do “the vanishing of ethan carter vr”

this game has the most realistic looking graphics. When i played it, i almost got fooled thinking i was actually there because of how crazy realistic the graphics look. But then i said “i wish the FOV was bigger” cause it was the reason that made me remember i’m not actually there.


'nature treks vr"…