Please list the games you want to see in the following 8K demo


Woah I just tried it after your tip (never heard of the game). I’ve only played it for 5 minutes but this is indeed crazy realistic !! This one gets my vote too, I want to see this in 200 Fov !! Thanks for the tip !

EDIT while the graphics are stunning this game is not meant for people who easily experience nausea, damn, feeling really nausea after playing a while … Also in the comments quite a few people seem to experience the same. The graphics are jaw dropping though, best I’ve seen so far but game play isn’t too good. Still I’d love to see it in 200 FoV


yeah, i really enjoyed the game as well fully completed it and was impressed with the level of detail, but it required a game pad (xbox) and the story is great.


Agreed man. It’s soooo underrated. Most realistic graphics ever. But I think no one talks about it because, as you said, causes motion sickness to some (if not most) people. But doesn’t to me, I’ve gotten used to artificial locomotion thank god


Agreed, its a marvelous game too.


Yep. Ethan Carter i’ve been exploring this game at time of release best cross compare with re7.

I say exploring as I just love checking out details. Lol

Also impressive with the in game text.

If you read the same nausea i read it was rift/vive due to teleporting & mouse look. I find if you balance look with gamepad not bad. Psvr i found off feeling in re7.


+1 for Nature Treks VR.


Yes, for me it also would be Elite Dangerous and Project Cars 1 or 2.

So given the overwhelming desire for these two, certainly for Elite Dangerous, it will be an obvious token of the Pimax 8K not working properly with Elite Dangerous if such test is not published well before the expiry of the Kickstarter campaign. There may be various reasons for it not performing well together, don‘t get me wrong, it may be attributable to too much demand of Elite Dangerous and nothing to do with the Pimax not performing as it should - but we need to know, and I for my part will not order a Pimax 8K without positive confirmation of the desired combination actually working out as hoped for.


Onward and racing games like Assetto Corsa or Project Cars 2


Elite Dangerous,Audioshield (for precise punching of orbs)


I vote for Onward or Serious Sam the last Hope and a driving game like Assetto Corsa or Project Cars 2. Thanks!


Elite Dangerous, Project Cars 2, Arizona Sunshine and The Lab


Obduction, simply because it’s the most power hungry game in existence right now, if you can make it playable on Pimax 8k, it’s clear it can run anything.

Also Vorpx, since it allows more than 300 classic games to work in VR, i can only dream what could be to play Portal, Bioshock and many more on 200 fov and no SDE,and a vid of Portal working on Pimax 8k would be incredible for millions of fans.


Just one easy video - Nature Treks VR the beach / spring forest


Aerofly FS2 please. F15 at Low level, with afterburner.


IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad
War Thunder - preferably in an aircraft cockpit. The F4U’s have the newest cockpit models which should be best for showing off.


Has to be Aerofly FS2! Massive userbase from flight simmers, where VR is becoming almost standard. I own an Oculus CV1 and would immediately purchase the Pimax 8K if I see a positive review, confirming brightness, pixelation and performance are all a thumbs up. Thanks.


Aside of demostrating game (my vote goes to Elite Dangerous) please let we know tech spec (GPU, CPU) of the rig used for demo, with a summary of game settings. Most people are aware of necessary spec to run Pimax 8K


I’d also like to know what the actual rendered resolution is in SteamVR (through the settings -> developer tab)


movies, I think many people are curious about how movies looks in a 8K headset


Echo arena. Free amazing oculus game, should be played with revive