Please list the games you want to see in the following 8K demo


Elite Dangerous - It’s the reason I bought an 8K.


I would like to see Holopoint please!


They could use FCAT VR, to record VR performance and publish the log. This will give quite detailed view on the performance and potential issues.


This is something I would also like to see.


I would like

Star Citizen

to be on the list - or better to get Pimax 8 k to convince them to jump at it!
And how about Nvidia and there VR Technology’s? (VR SLI and ASW) to be pushed harder to the game market?
Elite, ProjectCars2, ARMA3, Vanishing Realms , Skyrim
and so on of course too :wink:

Edit: Oh yeah, and please opt in for stoping that beam jump traveling… I cant imagine going like that through Skyrim…


Project CARS 2
Assetto Corsa
Elite: Dangerous


Elite Dangerous, stations and Asteroid belts, ships in the distance.
Elite Dangerous,Elite Dangerous,Elite Dangerous,Elite Dangerous,Elite Dangerous, :slight_smile:


Robo Recall, Arktika.1, Lone Echo


A universal asw from nvidia working for flat and vr games at the hardware level would be ideal.


Star citizen (when come out lol) :grin:


By that time, you’ll be able to play it on your own Pimax 16K


IL2 Battle of Stalingrad. (BoS, BoM, BoK) This is one of the best, if not THE best performing flight sim in VR.


Raceroom Racing Experience
Dirt Rally
Assetto Corsa
Euro Truck Simulator
Elite Dangerous
Project Cars 2


Wow! So we want to have every user test…
Sit down cockpit game
A stand up room scale game
A stand up static game
An Oculus home game
A steamvr AAA title
A Oculus AAA title
A VORPX game
Multiple driving, flying and space sims
Games that have no vr capability
A game that is still in alpha!

And the reviewer needs to do all this in their 10 min time slot…
Sounds practical…



Elite Dangerous for little detailes.
Subnautica for beautiful screens.
Karnage Chronicles for tracking check.


Payday 2 if its out, and serious sam 3. Both being older games will hopefully run great. I’ve been playing serious sam first and second encounter with the super sampling set to 5 to stress test my rig ready for the pimax 8k. Lots of reprojection but I didnt notice it that much.


Oculus “Lone Echo”, to show compatibility with Revive.


Fallout 4 VR. (When it will be release)


**IL2 Battle of Stalingrad! **


The Golf Club VR, Thru the lens!!