Please list the games you want to see in the following 8K demo


Arizona Sunshine
Ultra Wings


Aerofly 2
Assetto Corsa
Dirt Rally

These are games/sims that I can run at max on my 1080ti on PC with room to spare (i.e. non VR).

Games like Prepar3D running as well Aerofly 2 is unrealistic if you have ever tried both on PC and VR. It’s like night and day although Prepar3D is the far better simulator.


@Pimaxvr @xunshu @matthew.xu @bacon I think you must show how much a part your Pimax 8K 200D FOV/Resolution is vs other VR solution, and this for each type of application/Game

Fallout 4 RPG
Nature’s Treks VR ( VR relaxation)
Raw Data (Action)
A 4k movie in Big Screen
Project cars ( Car Simulation)
The Lab ( Great overall example)
X-Plane with flyinside with (Plane Simulation)

this last one is special because they also support the leapmotion controler. The author of flyinside would probably be delighted to help you get this demo working…


Added some pokes to your post


I could approve to all above games, but what would be really nice:
if you could provide a as much as possible flicker free and steady image of in lens views.

So game side
Simulation (DCS, Project Cars 2, DiRT Rally …)
Shooter/RPG’s/Adventures (All the Good Ones, and Skyrim and Fallout 4 VR would have been nice :wink:, ARMA3 for its HeadTracking, …)
Full VR Games


Subnautica and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter could be interesting.


From Other Suns (Oculus store) with the 3 co-op players all together on the ship bridge

Dirt Rally (Racing, not menu, someone can easily maneuver watching the 2D monitor’s mirror - allows for recording vive lenses).

Tales of Glory (in combat)

And as an extra…Fallout 4 upon it’s release (this is a must to hype up your HMD)


PayDay VR released…cant wait…until APRIL…


Arizona sunshine
killing floor incursion
war thunder


PayDay 2 VR. It was just released this Thursday as beta.
Fallout 4 VR. Releasing December 12.
Portal Stories. Free VR Mod for Portal 2.
Doom VFR. Releasing December 1.

Please run it on a high-end computer with a 1080Ti. I want to be impressed.



FALLOUT 4 VR video with V4


Plus a game with revive, like Lone Echo. To test it all.


It’s awesome! Can’t wait to try on pmax


Portal stories vr was meh


Titanic Honor and Glory! Although its only a demo its simply the best looking game on the market right now. A perfect matchup to showcase how great the resolution and fov bump on the Pimax will be. But I dont think it will work out the box as the demo will probably need to be updated to work with Pimax and I dont know if the devs will do so…that is unless they get some encouraging :wink:


Serious sam 3 vr, an amazing ported vr game.

Lone echo,amazing game you need to use revive.

Project cars 3



Kinda hard to do Lone Echo until compatible controllers are available.


Please show a video of ‘Elite Dangerous’ and if possible ‘Project Cars 2’ as well. Thank you.


With the Vive Wands / old Pimax controller prototype, for now.


How well do the wands work with the games locomotion?