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Wireless module probably end of NEXT year?! O.o
And no date for the eye module…

Wish pimax would reply to these forums more. OR at least make it obviously when they have.
I dont like the look and layout of this forums, it just looks like one long drool.


Truth as a community we are to blame as well. The team is working on some ideas to improve the forum layout.

As an interm action have a pinned & closed topic for updates. But still as a community need to have some self moderation. Will be off work 2morrow & will start seeing if we can clean up a bit. Often multiple duplicate topics have been started & we have been going way off Op’s Topics.


LOL don’t act like this was your idea…

I already have a thread on this site discussing this idea.
And on the kickstarter comments, and on a reddit thread.

I think this is crucial for them it will save them a lot of hassle and make things cheaper on our half.


Pimax 8K Module Status and Pimax Realizations Policy
All backers, thanks for your strong supports. As you know, our 8K HMD is modular designed, so we ourselves will mainly focus on the HMD devices developments and provide interfaces to partners, as for the modules, we will mainly open to 3rd party vendors.

We will open HDK for modular design, hope more and more partners and DIY enthusiasts to join us to create various exciting modules!

Please check the latest status as follows:

Eye tracking
We have 3 partners, one of them have already produced commercial level eye tracking module for vive, the other one is Adhawk introduced by our backer. We are evaluating the technical solutions and the detailed schedule, our target is to ship the modules from Q2 2018.
Risk level: low

Our partner has the experience on commercial wireless products, we are working with our partner in adaptation, the shipping time estimated to be Q3 2018.
Risk level: medium

Hand motion module
We have finished the technical verifications and demo, currently working with our key partners on the detailed schedule.
Risk level: low

Inside-out tracking
We have designed the interface, currently working with partners with the detailed schedule.
Risk level: low

Scent enabling
We are working with Japanese partner to discuss the solution and development schedule
Risk level: low

VR frame/cooling fan
Estimated to ship on Q2 2018.
Risk level: no risk

All in one module
Will be developed in-house. Estimated to ship on Q3 2018.
Risk level: low


Glad that you are working on it
Yeah, been seeing duplicates here and there, strange though, do people ignore the “auto search function” (for lack of better words) when they create threads?
Hmm, yeah I think I might be guilty of going a bit off topic here and there, as many of us easily do, so self moderation sounds like a good way moving forward.


@MildlyConfused, I might missed your comments, No disrespect, I do not read most of the topics and mostly scan them.

The good side is, if two people can think on same line, probably there is a chance Pimax did to.



Human nature, i think. We often like going with the path of least resistance. I’ve saw this in other forums. Folks often simply start a new thread instead if using search functions because its easier than combing through topics.


True, that’s probably the reason. But the auto search that happens when you start to create a thread might stop some of them.


@PimaxVR With the Kickstarter survey we are given the option of HMD in Jan or April with controllers and bases.

Do you expect to make any changes to the HMD during that period, or is this just a way to spread out productions and distribution?

I’d hate to ask for mine in Jan and you discover an issue which is only fixed for those who get their in April.


I bet they do not expect any changes. On the other hand there is always a risk when starting a production of a new product that you encounter unexpected issues when you ship the first batch.

Then depending on the issues you may or may not decide to fix them in the production. This happens all the time to much bigger names. Think Samsung or Nintendo.

If you are that much stressed over this point choose April delivery.

I want a commitment QA from the Pimax team for deliveries in January and April (VR Pimax 8k equal QA for all)

Sorry for google translator.
Help me
I’m an Italian backer.
only 8k shipping costs are $ 47
for full 8k are $ 52
my support is:
8k. $ 499
shipping $ 47
base station $ 75
shipping costs I added $ 5 which is the difference between only 8k and 8k complete
totaling $ 626
it’s correct?
I followed the pimax responses on kickstarter where it was said to add the shipping difference.
now I read the base station option only with the addition of $ 10 shipping.
did I pay the right or I was wrong?
if i’m wrong how can i add $ 5 to have 1 base station?
thank you


Hi Matthew,

Thanks for the update! I have 2 questions.

  1. When you talk about risk do you mean risk to deliver time or actually being able to deliver at all i.e. feasibility

  2. Please forgive if this is already answered elsewhere but what is the ‘all in one’ you refer to?

Thanks and good luck over next few months!


Hi @Kenpachi,

You’re absolutely right.


Hi @colgate1974,

OK, let me answer your questions:

  1. Risk: We have confirmed the module with the supplier and got the reply. We provide the estimated delivery time to be confirmed by our supplier, and the delivery time of some modules is still confirmed.

  2. All-in-one: We plan to use qualcomm 845, and the details are still under discussion.

Thank you

I want a commitment QA from the Pimax team for deliveries in January and April (VR Pimax 8k equal QA for all)

Hi @bigo93,

According to the current plan, we are not prepared to change the HMD, but that we need to optimize, and according to the experience of MP, the first batch of shipment usually has some issues to be improved. Thank you


When you say first batch, how many HMD’s would be in the first batch? From past experiences I mean.


We need more time to plan shipped things, and we will update and inform you of any relevant information. Thank you


Bit confused. So I receive my Pimax 8K in Jan and I have to wait until Apr for my Base Station. That doesn’t make sense that I will have to wait until Apr. Can I cancel the order of the base station and buy it elsewhere?

Can I confirm that the Pimax will work without a controller? I only want to use it with DCS World. Thanks.


You can’t cancel anything on Kickstarter, its not a store.
And no, you will probably not be able to find 2.0 Lighthouses anywhere else by then, Valve themselves will first start to sell them by June from the info I gathered. You can use 1.0 Lighthouses though.

From all the info so far, yes the 8K will work without base stations and controllers, the tracking will probably be worse though.


Lol, a 2 month delay from what was originally expected and you’re requesting a refund? Get real dude.