Please move kickstarter comments here


my pending just says


Thanks. “Stranger things” in my credit card.:slight_smile:


@Backers (Pimax)
Here is an Unoffical Steam Group:
Pleas Join so we can grow the Community. Thx


This is how it shows up for me


Okay, now I’m interested. Almost double of my pledge. Dual full packages maybe?


Mine above is in Canadian. I ordered 8k full early bird & 5k full early bird +1 hand motion modul.

$1616 US


Ahh those lovely Canadian rupees :wink:
Ohh nice, then we can get some nice comparison of the 5K vs 8K.
If the 5K stands up to the 8K we have a new premium HMD to bring in new folks into VR


Pimax please help! my virtual creditcard got declined but there is enough money on it…


MIne says Kickstarter also.


I wonder when we should expect the surveys ?


Hi. When did you try to change your pledge? If you changed it to over $1000 dollars kickstarter tries to test your account by transfering 20%. If the correct ammount was not in there at the time that they test your account the pledge upgrade wont be successful


John as the purchase online; you likely need to contact your provider to let them know it is a legit purchase & has your authorization. They do this to protect against fraud.


Have Pimax confirm when they estimate the shipping will be for the controller and basestation? I read somewhere it will be around May?


Seriously though I hope Vive fails. Serves them right for trying to milk us with such low specs


Most of the major players are more concerned now with capturing marketshare of the casuals because that is where the money is at. That is why they aren’t rushing to build v2 headsets and instead are working on standalones with decent specs. I believe they underestimated the market for higher end headsets, as proof by this kickstarter.


it did worked now thx!


Well luckly smaller company’s can make profit on the higher end headsets. That’s what we’ve needed all along. More options not a one size fits all HMD


And lucky for us someone (Pimax) is building this for us. I can’t wait to get mine. Now I have to wait to order either these controllers or Valves Knuckles.


Same here I really cant wait! Next level gaming. Ive got my eye on the Valve knuckles but will wait and see how the Pimax controllers turn out. Just ordered the thrustmaster sparco competition mod Wheel for project cars 2


I recieved from a mail from Korea the following message around 18:31

Title: [Delivery Failure] 메일 전송 실패

Subject: New offer
Status: 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable

Does this have to do something with Pimax?? Is there anybody else that recieved this message?