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That looks suspicious to me. Pimax is a Chinese company not Korean. Proceed with caution!!!


Congrats Pimax and backers for this successfull kickstarter campaign¡¡. Lets take this to save port.Good luck with the developmen.Cant wait for new updates¡¡


When are base stations and controllers going to be shipped?.Any estimation?


My payment is done, where is my X?


not for a while given we are living on its back. XD but their prices should never be forgotten. XD


I agree might be suspicious. Check with your card provider if you haven’t rec’d confirmation from kickstarter that payment rec’d.


Between W and Y i suspect. :joy:


Is there any word on when we can expect the surveys to be released? I know the KS JUST ended. I’m just curious (and excited).


Its already been paid. Status on kickstarter is Collected and on my bank account I just lose 730 euro’s :stuck_out_tongue: I think this was just spam.


I think that instead of the “Middle Finger Button” in the controllers there should be the “Middle Finger Cap Sense” and the “Pointing Finger Button” in the back.

Think about the shooting games or even about the applications. It would be much more intuitive if we were shooting or triggering with the Pointing Finger.

It’s a total nonsense that our mostly used finger (pointing finger) is going to have no function with the controllers.


my guess is they are going 2 trigger 2 cap sense. having a trigger for middle finger but not trigger finger would be v strange.


Trigger hopefully will be like steams. Analog with final digital click in.


This may be a little off topic. Does anyone think the pimax 4k cloth headstrap will fit the 8k?


From what i saw of the v2 maybe.


So it seems like we aren’t sure when to expect the survey to be sent out. Is that correct?


The trigger that you are writing about would be operated with the thumb. Therefore I must write that I think there could be two triggers: one of them should be at the back and it should be operated with the pointing finger. The analog trigger isn’t that important but ofc it would be even better if we would get it as an additional one. C’mon, lightsaber shouldn’t be operated with the middle finger or thumb


With the Steamcontroller the dual stsge trigger is handy.

In race games it allows the same trigger used for gas & turbo.

In fps it can be a reload function.


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Any estimate as to when the breakout box will be available to us?


Do we also get the stretch goal prices if we have ordered the 5k early bird?

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It would be good for reloading, but we still need some good solution for shooting :smile: