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You mean on Kickstarter, right?
Make sure that your card is of the accepted type, from Kickstarter Help:

You can use a debit or credit card associated with Visa, Discover,
JCB, MasterCard, or American Express. Discover and JCB cards are
currently only accepted for US-based projects.
We do not currently accept Maestro or Visa Electron cards. If using a pre-paid credit card,
please make sure that the card has a value of at least $1 more than
your pledge amount.

Validation is immediate, as the charge get pushed directly when you try the “Fix payment” function.

Also make sure with your bank that your cards are open for online and over boarder purchases, as most banks have automatic fraud protections against that.

Edit: Hah I were to slow. Matthew already gave you all the answeres


From reading ‘FOVE HMD’ KS comments page i see CPU issues when eyetracking is ON, not even working inside software, just ON.
Having just one eye tracked means sensor can’t detect full 200 degree angle - this is correct, confirm angle please?
I think this 3rd party (eyetracking) module not ready yet, so i’m not waiting for flash answers. Do you know something about this possible issues?

And where can i see roadmap/estimated for prototype v-‘X’ / final product development.


hello matthew, when is version 4 prototype gonna be ready? and will you show it off like you did with v2 and v3?


I own the pimax 4k and backer of the 8k. In pimax 4k when I turn on the pc automatically turns on the headset this force me to keep it with the usb disconnected when I do not want to use the headset. It is uncomfortable to have to be turning off manually every time I turn on the pc, is that corrected in the version 8k?

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Is it expected the Base Stations and Knuckles will take many more months to produce than the headsets?

For example, will they be ready closer to January or not closer to May ?


Can you move your eyeballs independently from one other ? Can you look with one eye to the left and with the other to the right ?

One eyeball movements are identical with the other eyeball’s moves. I think this is the reason why one detector is enough, but I’\ve been wrong many times in the past, so better let staff to answer this.


Some can lol. But not a commonality. :v::joy::+1::sparkles:


also, any updates on hey, has there been any development on the max refresh rate that can be achieved now? and have they said if and when they’re going to show v4?


Told you there are all kind of species here !!


Try to focus at far/near object in front of camera, your eyes will be closer/farther to your nose. Not identical distances/directions for sure. quick demo


You are right but that is not a common behavior, children do that for fun, but how much sense make games in which you mostly focus on objects at 5 to 15 cm from your nose ? Dunno, maybe porn games make sense, just sayin.


Would like to see ability to use second tracking device simultaneously and tech data behind this magic.


It would be interesting, but what you would expect? Let\s say you are in a jet fighter and with your left eyeball the game can detect the enemy plane you are looking at, via ray casting to the first object hit point. Now what you would expect from the second detector mounted on the right eyeball ? State your ideas, they might be very good, there are no stupid questions.

Please don’t tell me you wanna lock out another enemy plane with the right eye !!


Where focus/FoV eated rendering will go? On plane front panel or behind on green plane?

Assuming that only left eye is tracked and he cant see that far right.


In a zone comprised by point 1 and gradually reduced resolution to point 2 and more.

Edit: Sorry I think I was wrong. Foveated technology will render the middle between 1 and 2 with max resolution. I bet one Pimax 8K X with you that foveated tech won’t assume that eyeballs will move at different angles


this is what the eye will do, brain wants to see 3d and also would render the middle of both or the object you are focusing… however it could be that some squints and this needs to be corrected somehow.


2 eye sensors = correct DoF more possible (it depends on tracker precision quality) + increased tracking angle - that is obvious.


PIMAX VR staff 4 days ago
Q: Is it possible to simultaneously use TWO (left/right) eye tracking modules
A: We need to test to know that we can use them at the same time.


Hurry up and take my money :frowning:


With Kickstarter concluded, Pimax are frantically trying to collect from pledgers and this could be ongoing for 2 weeks+.

The survey will likely be mass sent after Pimax has cleared all the payments they can.