Please send Kickstarter Backers their base stations?



Please send the base stations now like you promised. Pimax said they would ship things individually as they were ready. If base stations are ready, please send them now. It’s not right to get so much money from a Kickstarter by lying to people, and then changing things at your convenience to save yourselves money and effort. If you got an extra amount of money because you promised something on the Kickstarter, you should hold yourselves at your own word, and deliver what is available individually, like you promised you would.


If you can post on this forum, you can search this forum and see that they are delayed. Looking like Pimax wants to ship the lighthouses and controllers together so I’d say late Q3 (September, Oct) before we get them.


Yeah not so much delayed as won’t pay shipping.
Q3 would imply getting the crap controllers that aren’t what we paid for. The good controllers have no release date or timeframe…which puts us back to no lighthouses in the foreseeable future unless we’re about to have vive wands pushed on us when we ordered knuckles.


Sorry, I was unclear on my post. I updated it. I wasn’t looking for information. I was making a request.


With all due respect to your request because I feel the same, your request is but a queef in the wind to Pimax.


I backed only the base stations and I want it asap please. But are they ready? Pimax does not give us an an answer…


Dont give you much to have base stations v2 when you dont have controllers for v2.


what if the doesnt have a v1 and just wants the one he backed?


If they only send out basestation they will then get a problem with pepole complaneing that cant use there controllers, so its you damed if you do damed if you dont.


if you play sim’s with a gamepad/wheel/joystick it makes sense, much more comfortable

who has LH 1.0 cable controllers and no LH’s? pretty rare i guess
but it would be good to have a manual with the LH 2.0 that states clear that only vive pro and index controllers will do
also if you have a ps4 vr you could user these controllers (with driver4vr) together with you now LH tracked headset
so there are benefits to a good amount of people


I don’t understand, you want Pimax to ship what they don’t have? Sounds more like you are complaining just to complain.


There are right now 625 games/experiences on steam that support VR and a windows/Xbox controller. Heck the oculus rift for the first year did not have motion controllers!


The base stations were delayed, due to the third-party manufacturer. That’s not Pimax’s fault, but I would think they would be shipping them to at least some people by now.


PimaxUSA said the Base Stations were being manufactured and ready in 3 weeks. That was more than 3 weeks ago.

The sad thing is we’re still waiting for the Headstrap and all the other stretch goals. The months are rolling by and Pimax have gone silent. My confidence in Pimax is at an all time low.


Kinda like buying a car and waiting on the tires.


You got wooden tires in the mean time :rofl:


I saw a new thread, a poll on the subject earlier today on my phone. Can’t find it any more? Was it removed, or I’m a being blind?


I can’t find it either now but saw it as well. Likely was removed.


are we going to have to tolerate censorship in addition to manipulation?


There are many of us who ordered one base (they said 1 base would do 360 gaming) or two but not controllers. I would hope they would send those out and not be holding until controllers not ordered were ready. @PimaxUSA