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I Did NOT elect that Jackass. And I find that most of us here did not. And many of those that did have busy lives and were duped; many of them realize it now.

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Yeah you have Trump who seems to be picking fights & we have the moronic Mr Dress Up Trudeau who is wasting money & disrespecting veterans while flooding Canada with Refugees that destroy hotels & complain about the free stuff they are given.


you don’t have too, its called democracy and this is the reason why its doomed to fail. it is always a divide and conquer setting. democracy will never ever be a solid healthy system neither should it be the standard, time will proof , because you will see the cracks in your so called system that you have been brainwashed to be the best of all systems.

Eventually democracy will have to fight against destruction from the inside, because it doesn’t hear the voice of the people, or better said, sometimes it hears only the minority or otherwise the majority, but it is unable to sustain both in a healthy matter.

Also decision making goes way too slow, monarchy in some sense is faster and more efficient in decision making, only problem is who is the one who is in control.

In america for example you got only 2 parties, and they tryto make each other live sour so to speak, such thing should speak volume and is not something adults should be fond off…neither should we teach kids these kind of attidudes…but yet adults seem to be blinded by all these things. And then im not talking about hidden motives, throw that into the mix…and you got Old rome 2.0 =demùocracy. Where the gap between people and those who rule the people has became so huge, and the same people who a re suppose to protect the people…law enforcments//are going to be the enemy…

Becauseeventually people forget, theyare the ones who hire the goverment and pay the goverment, if the people don’t work… the goverment cannot collect taxes, therefore they cannot sustain itself. the power has swinged to the wrong side, and most people are dumbed down by entertainment.

Give the people their bread and games…it has started again this time in a different setting, but also this time, it will fall just like the mighty roman empire did.

Ask yourself a question…what happened to all those world powers of the old age…they all got destroyed from the inside by its own system

time to start to grow your own food etc


Well as a buddy schooled me.

No country in the world is a real democracy.

Democracy is Mob rule with no elected ppl in power. See Dictionary.

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I did not mean for my question to turn into a political diatribe, I just want to make sure I get my headset without further delay.

Democracy lasted a very long time under Greek and roman times. modern democracy is barely 250 years old. I do not think democracy is the problem but instead Oligarchy. When the Rich have political power it can come to no good for the non rich.


Essentially we need an Athenian Democracy. Which still isn’t a proper democracy.

Elected committees that bring ideas to be voted on.

Ie Canada

With current tech level people could read up on proposed “bills” & vote on each level.

No need to be concerned i only split the topic due to ppl “picking & choosing” when something is off topic; when the topic was off a week after it was posted. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Nonsense. You dont know what democracy is.l


Oligarchy is the reason democracy exists and is cancer to democracy. Democracy is just fine without oligarchy. The problem in the US is that there is a determined oligarchy that has been successful in corrupting the hearts and Minds of the people in order to get them to vote against their best interests. This is been going on for decades now and I have witnessed it first hand my own family. But now that many of them are waking up particularly the younger and better connected of us better informed there will be an end to at least the controlling interest of the oligarchs in the hearts and Minds of the people and a restoration of the American democracy which has been very successful and duplicated as a government of choice the world round


Ah dude, I feel sorry for you. I never really looked at who Canada had until I read a news article on his eastern visit. Honestly, I was laughing my ass off… Then I read all about all the Canadians cries of despair.

I think most leaders have a lobotomy on the way up.

I do admire somethings about Trump though, he is “trying” to sort out the US economy by unconventional means of using a sledge hammer. Better than somebody that is a good speaker but gets little done?. Trump is a terrible speaker (and person of dubious background) but he seems to get things done, even if those things can be out-of-touch with society sometimes. Of course this is seen as reckless and as a POTUS that is scary as shit but that in itself could create peace as he is unpredictable. NK for example?

We have Theresa May who started off picking up the pieces from our last (all talk) leader who ran away because it did not go his way (ironically after shouting We are not Quitters!) . Brexit has caused a huge division in our country with it being almost a 50/50 split. And now we have Putin to worry about. Urghhhh

So, all said and done the world is pretty messed up BUT we have so far not gone to WW3, unless you consider cyber warfare WW3, for the sake of world peace I hope we continue and always strive to stop mass slaughtering of innocents for reasons of power or resources. We should be more evolved than that and that takes a collective, not a single brute force.


Thw corruption of politics happened long before the US existed. The wheels of Propaganda. Kings & queens etc.

No political system works well due to the corruption power fosters.


Well its even worst if you read all of the issues with his visit to India. He left the foreign minster at home & brought with him a fellow that was formerly part of a movement that tried to assassinate & over throw the government there. Now in fairness that really falls on the Party then its goofy leader.

But I generally don’t put much stock in Canadian Politics.


Survival of the fittest is ingrained in all life if you get right down to it, it takes willpower (or conditioning) to suppress it. Sadly, from a humanity perspective is that the planet is divided up by seemingly different periods of evolution, we still have aggressive tribal societies (or governments) in many regions of the world so world peace is always at conflict and to have peace you must fight for it. How can that ever change?

Hey, on a side note, have you ever read the RiverWorld series by Philip José Farmer? This explores different societies from different time periods and throws it all into the same moment. Great books.


Not to worry. Soon our AI will invent a form of rulership that surpasses our wildest imaginations. Welcome Our AI Overlords. The Oasis awaits.



I have heaard of it & kinda watched if its the same book that a tv series was based on (believe of the same name). From what i had seen be worth reading for sure.


I don’t remember if it was Twlight Zone, Outer limits or something similar.

But I recall one that Aliens visit encouraged the world to unite & be at peace; only to discover this alien race seeded the Earth to breed War machines & the choice of peace assured our extinction.


I remember they did a film, it was rubbish though. The books are much better.


Books 99.9% of the time are.

I was very disapointed with the Movie version of Steven King’s Dreamcatcher.


Ready Player One has gotten 9/10 and 10/10 ratings form SWSX viewing.


And I find that most of us here did not.