Political Mumbo Jumbo


3,000,000 more voted for Hillary, And then there are the ones that didn’t vote at all. Most did not vote or Chump.


Plus all the illegals :stuck_out_tongue:


Illegals can vote? Are there no background checks?


Nope. Not even voter ID. Apparently thats ‘racist’ just walk up and vote.


I’m not from the US, but still I really doubt that. Sure it wouldn’t take much of a search to find out…
Yep, in 33states you need photo ID. In the rest you need a social security number. Illegals have neither, right?


not as clear cut as your post would make it seem. The reality behind this info may be different again but it’s a start.


No ID required doesn’t mean illegals can vote there. Don’t they have to register first?


Ok having read a bit, I get that there have been a small number of illegal votes. But how much that affects it is wildly open to debate.

And I don’t doubt for a second that Trumpists are using dodgy stats to deny that Hilary got more votes when she clearly did.


Wanna tell me it doesnt happen ?


Nope. As I said in the previous post.


Yeah Gore had the same problem with George’s brother Jed.


The brother is Jeb not Jed