Politics: Trump's Policies and Tarifs


There is no trade deficit.

Shipping to Canada with impending U.S. Tariff changes
Shipping to Canada with impending U.S. Tariff changes

SInce we are talking about goods… ie the pimax…


Whine all you want…
Trump tried to eliminate tariffs all together, but Justine wanted to puff his chest…


Of course you wouldn’t find Donald puffing his chest would you.


He is doing exactly what I voted for him to do.


Just out of curiosity. What exactly did you want him to do, so that he carries your approval?


Piss off everyone else in the world possibly.


Trump is a complete joke. Still waiting for april fools :rofl: Can’t take the man seriously, but his actions sure cause a lot of problems.


(1) Cut foreign aid to contries that state sponsor terrorism.

(2) Denuclearization of one of the greatest threats the world has seen since the 40s.

(3) Brokered Peace between two countries at war since 1950.

(4) Repealed the health-care individual mandate.

(5) Reduced operating cost of the Federal Government.

(6) Record low unemployment. Especially with minorities. More than 2 million jobs created… Food stamps lowest level in 7 years.

(7) Record high stock market, which many Americans count on for their retirement.

(8) Exceptional GDP growth despite others saying it wasn’t possible…

That’s just off the top of my head.


You don’t have to like him, he is brash and quite rough, but is doing a great job…


I don’t know, it’s hard to call a billionaire who gave up a life of luxury and lose 600 million due to Trump Derangement Syndrome his first year as president, a joke…
It is, however, quite easy to believe anything that you hear on liberal TV…

While this is not a political forum, I did want to point out the hyperbole in George’s comment (NAFTA has been renegotiated as of today), I won’t be adding anything else to this thread…


Really? Like which one? Are you counting Iran?

No. Obama did this. So did Clinton.

No. The S Korean President did this. Trump managed to not completely fuck it up.

That was Congress and also terrible for the health of those markets (and also for health of Americans)

He did deny Federal workers a pay raise, I’ll give you that. But whatever savings you can quote are completely blown out by the cuts to revenue.

You can think Obama and Congress circa 2008/9 for that.

You literally could replace him with a cardboard cutout and you’d see the same response. Folks know that the Republican party is in the business of using public resources to make businesses more solvent.

Again, this has nothing to do with Trump.

Disclosure: I’ve been a registered Republican for the last 18 years.


Just to try and get this back on track… I haven’t read through the new agreement does NAFTA 2.0 mean increased tariffs on electronics?


It’s a weird list that’s hit and miss. It covers almost all electronic components but not all finished goods and bundles. For example, keyboards have extra tariffs but not when bundled with a mouse. It’s weird that because it doesn’t cover finished goods well, it inadvertently hurts factories in the US more than in China.


Interesting… That seems like strange definitions on what gets a tariff and what doesn’t.


Well at least A deal is done, although I would have much preferred a true free trade deal.


I don’t think evening out a trade deficit is the same as going “medieval”.


You cant possibly be serious about that one. All respect, Its the one thing I thought he might actually do well, but disappointed. 15 out of the 19 9/11 Hijackers were Saudi citizens. That government is responsible (along with Egypt) for providing the “educational literature” for Medrasas all over the place. Their official state sponsored form of Islam is far from progressive, and is like fuel for these groups.

The last paragraph is bold for reasons I do not know.


We don’t actually know that they have denuclearized, and the DMZ is still in place. so, far from your statement in point #3 as well. I commend him for getting remains sent home though.

#4 https://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/individual-mandate-gop_us_5a15b4f6e4b03dec8249bc83

#5 Except that he is ballooning the dept with his tax cuts, and his assistance to farmers from the fallout because of this trade war he started. (1st rule of conservative economics that hasn’t been followed since before Ronald Reagan,) cut taxes, and cut spending, not and balloon spending, and cut some low end programs.


Yeah all & all would rather have him running Canada over Justin’s stupidity. But Trump is working on the Space Farce; so he has plans to spend that cash saved. Do you think he will be able to foster peace with the :alien::beers::innocent::+1::sparkles:

But yeah other than being an @$$ he seems to be doing okay. But we knew his resume; so no real surprise.


Amen! Most people don’t like him because he is rough around the edges, but heck, I want a pit bull to stand up for my country, not a fake, screw you while their smiling, lying weasel


Not to worry he will take back his empire once his term is over.