Politics: Trump's Policies and Tarifs


Sorry, I didn’t read NAFTO 2.0 or whatever, I was still talking about the China tariffs.


Blimey, I didn’t realise anyone who is young and bright enough to use the internet and get into VR would be a Trump supporter! Guess the stereotype about Trump supporters being knuckle dragging racist gun wielding troglodytes can’t be completely true :wink:


Ah ok. (20 characters)


We are getting a very interesting option here in Canada with the Peoples Party. Me personally I am digging the shit out of their platform and Maxime Bernier seems like a good leader, at lease 90% less @$$ than Trump.


Yeah there are s couple of note. My roommate leans towards libertarian but usually voted to the majority of the 2 lesser evils. I pointed out to him if you & others voted libertarian they might have s chance instead of the “what difference will my single vote do”.


One of the things is cut regulations. Domestic regulations, for any new ones two existing ones have to be nullified. Internationally, that is basically what the trade wars is about, Nafta, the Iran deal etc…

The wall is to minimise, illegal drug imports, illegal child trafficking, influx of ‘illegals’ that are used to vote against citizens as a mean to swing elections.

The swamp are the agents that are in places in all areas of government by the top .001 percent. You can call them “The council of Foreign Relations” 1921

This is clearly just an oversimplified answer


Very much so this. I’m also Libertarian, but this time around I think it is a more viable choice as they are already beating the NDP in polls by a fair margin. The previous Libertarian party never really got much traction, where the PPC has the chance to become a major player in this election. Also they are pretty damn close to libertarian in terms of platform and values.


Well both main parties are finally pissing folks off to desire a real change.


I can honestly hardly tell the difference between them.


Rand Paul has gotten plenty conservatives interested in him. I can see him a strong candidate for 2024.


You have to goto their xmas parties; they prefer different colored suits. Lol


Changes are happening, but you would never know it by reading the mainstream lines of information.


Indeed government likes to obfuscate info.


You can, but it was never meant to be obvious. People are failing to see who is behind the president. Basically the Marines, Army and the Navy. That is the reason why every scandal that falls on him is not sticking. There is lots of movement under the bonnet, so to speak.


Yes, although, now is the media. Remember the video of JFK? Type in youtube, the video that killed JFK. That video will give us a hint


I like him as well. It would be nice for the USA to have a strong libertarian presence in politics as well.


I’m more so referring to Canadian politics. The difference between the Conservatives and Liberals is next to nothing. Definitely in the US you can see a much bigger differences between the left and the right.


ah, Trudeau lackey of the Queen


Hmmm he should try the Jester suit. :beers::joy::+1::sparkles:


Rand is smart, he will need to keep being vocal on the media of issues that matter to constitutionalist until 2024. His time will come.