Poll: how big is your VR playspace?


As title says, just out of curiosity:

Personally I’ve been using a 16x16 feet completely empty room with the VIVE for almost 2 years now,
with the PC being in the adjacent room and a hole in the wall leading the cables to the breakout box,
so I hope the piMax team sends out a linkbox too so I’ll be able to continue using the same setup.


In the UK most average houses have around 12x12 foot size rooms so unless you considerably increase your house budget you are limited. Personally, I am seated (or standing) only but I could throw a wobbly and demand a spare room as my VR safe space but it would have to be EPIC content for me to justify that.


Space is often a problem. I still remember the wii/psmove/kinect fails.


When VR manages great wireless (to a powerful PC) then the problem is halved as most of us can move away from our computer desk to a space nearby without moving all our kit / furniture too.


As I’ve said my PC does reside in another room (bedroom), as long as wireless gives us added latency and compression artifacts (see all the TPcast bad experiences) the cable will remain the preferred solution, like Ethernet is fairly superior to Wi-Fi for internet connection (hence the VR backpacks are bad for multiplayer, especially on Onward).


I agree, the Vive Pro wireless solution is interesting, maybe it will work with the Pimax? Regardless all wireless solutions add some kind of latency, it is unavoidable. But saying that, I hate wireless anything lol


12’ x 12’ area in my basement…


10X12 on a 2 sensor Rift setup. I could clear for a larger area but don’t play anything that I need it for. I sometimes use a ceiling mounted cable retraction system for games like Arizona Sunshine and Fallout 4 VR.


Put it in a real measurement and I’ll answer :stuck_out_tongue:


My computer sits near the corner of a 7m x 7m classroom of a school I run. I use Oculus Rift with two front mounted sensors. However the sensors only seem to be effective to about 4m before tracking gets dodgy. Would have been worth investing in another sensor if they were compatible with the Pimax.