Poll : Is the Pimax 5k+/8k the best headset available on the market?



A poll in its simplest form : “Do you think that the 5k+/8k headset is the best headset available ?”

Open to everyone (Pimax owners and others are welcome).

  • Yes
  • No

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Yes. Besides the default headstrap, once it’s set up properly it’s the best available afaik. Unless you consider StarVR on the market. Although I don’t know what the deal with them is.


I love my Pimax5k +, but there are better headsets out there like the XTAL etc. However they are so expensive that no regular customer can afford them.


Yes but in its class.
As others have said there are much more expensive solutions that are better but currently I think Pimax offers best high end value.
That said that is HMD only, we still have no deluxe headstrap or controllers.


Absolutely! The XTAL and STAR VR are NOT available…so why bother!


I would buy the STAR VR in a second…the problem is not the price, but the fact that is not for sale!


My biggest complaint is the damn IPD adjustment. I cant get it dialed in just right even with the software :angry::angry::angry:


This^ (20 characters all over my face)


voted yes, as long as the poll is limited to only the headset itself as the lack of ALL other key components bump it way down on the list, currently.


Yeah, but I will have a different opinion when my brand new knuckles controllers arrive in a few days, and are not working in Steam VR!


Answer depends on the use case. For sim racing, I answered yes.


the answer must be a clear NO, the question implies you can buy it and the price is no point here as its not mentioned - the XTAL wins without further questions, you can order it and it beats the pimax’s headset in nearly everything (even if its not fair to compare them in that way)

the question should have been more precise about (consumer) pricing, like only <2500$ headset including tracking solution and controllers (you would need to add ~600-800$ to the pimax hmd price as you would need to buy lighthouse and controllers from valve or htc)


Survey should include a “Not Sure” option.


No…the overall “Pimax experience” is not even close to be the best.


Sorry but my vive pro has been super reliable and tough , used almost daily , I’ve knocked it dropped it and it keeps on working , Pimax need to build their 8KX a lot tougher with more reliable headphone jack rugged case etc or they won’t sell well despite the super high res panels


Depends, if you have vision problems and can’t wear glasses in HMD then yes the Pimax is probably the best.

Now if you don’t need glasses and received the thinner face cushion aka “lens distortion fix”, you ll likely experience visual discomfort, so you ll make the cushion thicker, say goodbye to visual discomfort and hello to distortion aka “large FOV”.


Interesting, there are now 102 voters and 68% are saying yes. While I would not recommend Pimax to certain individuals, it really is the “best” for me.