POLL: piMax backers and non backers, have you bought (or planning to buy) a VIVE Pro?


Just curiosity, since the VIVE Pro seems sold out anywhere despite the price:


No way. Pimax is honestly the more future proof device. Im not a backer (yet,) but with 200 degrees of FOV, that is more of a game changer.


Not a chance in hell am I shelling out £800 when it’s nothing more than a slight polish job compared to the original VIve.


NO. Surely NO. Do you understand ? No is no and will never change


No. There’s no need. I’ll have my Pimax 8K soon. I’ll save my cash for a new video card, which I think I’ll really need, since my current card is a 980Ti.


Thing is many devs expected to receive the piMax 8k back in January, I guess it’s a temporary buffer at this point…


The vive pro doesn’t seem worth it. I think about it sometimes but can’t justify the price to myself.
I am however getting quite impatient for a well needed upgrade as my current vive doesn’t cut it anymore. I’m even holding off buying new games at this point bc i would rather try them on the 8k…


Nope, I would if they had tossed in a significant FOV increase. As it is though not a chance.


No way. I got a vice. Good enough until the 8k is here. The Pro is a sad joke.


I would rather buy a WMR headset like the Samsung Odyssey, same OLED panel, almost half of the price plus the controllers included… the Vive Pro has nothing really new except improved resolution and the same boring 110 degree field of view…

The Pimax 8k/4k is way ahead of that boring overpriced joke that HTC made, I bet they will sell only a few of that, mostly to reviewers, and with LG/Google about to announce a new multimillion pixels HMD with wide FOV in May of this year…all other headsets except Pimax ones are destined to become junk very soon :slight_smile:


I don’t see why not, the vive pro seems really interesting, I’m sad I missed the preorder though so I can’t yet.


Yes becouse I want them all:) I’m still not convinced that Pimax 8k will run fine with all my favorite sims (like IL 2) and revive titles.


i was thinking about it
but the pricing ls horrible for something that can be considered as just a minor upgrade
compared to what the Pimax 8k offers IMHO

Samsung Odyssey has same resolution as vive pro and is so much better priced
That just shows how much of a money grab the Vive Pro really is
i just wont support this kind of behaviour from a company sorry
If they sold the Samsung odyssey in Norway i would have picked it over vive pro any day

its 2000 dollars for Vive pro bundle in Norway, its just not worth it when you already have Oculus Rift IMO
and they only offer the v1 base stations and controllers with the Vive pro bundle
which makes the pricing even more insane

so no thanks

im waiting patiently for Pimax 8k here and enjoy my Rift while i wait :wink:


Planned but once the resolution & price was introduced, the plan turned to “No, they won’t get me before Pimax 8K/X”.

It’s all a big wait and see now.


At this point I wonder how much the wireless kit for the vive pro will cost, surely no less than $500, on the other hand fortunately we’ll have $200 off our piMax wireless module IIRC…


The HTC VIVE “1.5” aka PRO is overpriced now but prices can and will go down over time, it’s all about competition if Samsung upgrade the odyssey HTC will have to upgrade the specs or lower the price of the VIVE PRO. so a definitive yes or no is still premature or is only good in the short term.

my short time answer is no :wink:


Yes as I don’t know how long it will be until I get my 8k.
When the 8k arrives, as long as it functions well, does what it says on the tin, & is a similar good experience like htc/oculus.
My vive pro will be on ebay.


Nope, I purchased the Samsung Odyssey while I wait for my Pimax 8K… Why anyone would purchase the VIVE Pro over the Odyssey is beyond me. The Odyssey cost far less… and you can actually now use VIVE trackers and controllers with the Odyssey! (for those who complain about Microsoft’s inside/out tracking)


3 simply reasons

  • Odyssey is not available in EU…
  • Vive Pro offer better games compatybility
  • precise tracking



  1. That sucks that Samsung still doesn’t directly sell their units in the EU but that doesn’t mean you can’t purchase it through other means. And if you do… it will still be cheaper than the VIVE PRO!!!
  2. How does VIVE PRO have better game compatibility? I can play VIVE, OCCULUS and SteamVR games?
  3. You can use VIVE tracking now with the Samsung HMD!!! Yes, it takes a little work to get it setup and I’m sure there will be upgrades to the software to make it better… but now you can have the best of both worlds… VIVE Tracking and MS Outside/In tracking. I haven’t personally tried this using the VIVE controllers and tracking myself on my Samsung because I’m not going to purchase the VIVE controllers and trackers because I already paid for it with my Pimax 8K so I’ll wait. But I’m looking forward to using it once my Pimax arrives.

So now actually one could argue that the Samsung offers more game compatibility than the VIVE PRO. And it’s also now more versatile. I can have “precise” tracking on my Samsung with VIVE controllers and trackers but still use the wireless outside/in controllers when I want to travel with my HMD! You can’t do that with the VIVE Pro. And the Samsung has better ‘visual’ than the VIVE Pro. Less god-rays, larger sweet-spot and more vibrant colors.