POLL: piMax backers and non backers, have you bought (or planning to buy) a VIVE Pro?


Short answer: no.

I own a (disfunctional) Vive, Rift and will wait for the 8K/8K(X). If Pimax make a mess of it, I would turn to the Samsung Odyssey - had the Vive Pro (HMD only) been priced at say 400 USD, I would have preferred it over the Samsung due to better tracking.
I cannot justify paying an amount which is not backed up by the performance increase being offered.

Perhaps HTC believe they are a premium brand while all others like Oculus, Samsung etc. are not and can simply ask a 100% price increase just for putting their name on the hardware - if that is the case, I must have missed an awful lot of brand-building in the last couple of years. To me HTC is not Apple and Oculus and Samsung are not no-name competitors. They are rather equals. In that case - how to justify doubling the price point set by the peers ? Well, we will see how HTC fares with their new approach. It will depend much on commercial customers because they will lose many of the consumers like me (even those who already possess the LH stations and Vive wands)



  1. Sure I can buy remotly from USA, and pay my country 23 % VAT + transport + some tax fees + marge but when shit happend how you imagine a US guarantees if you do can not buy device in the EU ?

  2. You are not playing my games like Il 2 BoS, BoM Kuban, - this sim games have IPD/scale problems with Odyseey and I also heard about some room scale games that have some minor issues.

  3. Yes I heard about this tracking possibility but also about issues.


I also looked into getting an Odyssey from the us delivered to UK. It would have cost me about £500- £550. Then add Import duty, vat, handling fees etc… & I was looking at over 650 with basically an unusable warranty…
Reviews seemed to be ok but generally agreed with tracking issues. At the time I didn’t hear about using vive trackers.
If I could have bought it in the UK at £500 I probably would have instead of the pro, but pro seemed to be the better bet (apart from it’s very high price).


I wanted just say: No, but I can’t post below 20 characters so the message starts here:




  1. I don’t understand EU tax laws, etc… so I can’t speak of that. But at least the Samsung won’t break down if you sweat!!!
  2. As I understand, the problem with IPD with games like IL-2 is scaling due to the higher resolution of the Samsung. But the VIVE pro has the same resolution. Are you certain you won’t end up in the same situation and having to use an IPD modifier? I don’t know myself.
  3. The reviews I have read have been mostly positive. Setup is a pain but I’m sure that’s going to get better.


On its way and will be on my head tomorrow. For me it’s worth it, as simple as that.


No… oh, it costs $800, right? So - never.


Actually i sold my Vive (so many merry memories) and got an Odyssey.

It´s being incredible so far.

And now i wait for the 8K


I would have bought the Vive pro if it had been reasonably priced, but at $800 for the headset alone with only a mild upgrade in resolution? I’ll just wait for my Pimax 8K.


I am totally nuts about VR. I had the Oculus, VIVE and PSVR already but I still couldn’t resist the VIVE PRO. On top of this I pledged for the 8K and YAW VR. :smiley:

The display really is much better, but still its not really a game-changer for me. The SDE is still very prevalent and I guess for what I would imagine to be a perfect VR experience, it would take some new technology to realize other than normal displays. Looking into the distance is really a bummer, since I never felt any jaw-dropping moment, as when for example I got astonished by some really good sky-box in halo or so. I guess in the future I will focus more on haptic feedback.

Just a dumb plank can be enough to make the experience feel much more real, regardless the resolution! :smiley:


cool i also ordered the yaw vr pro and the pimax 8k…

i was thinking about the htc vive pro is it much better then the oculus with a game like skyrim?
I heard the sweetspot is not that great with the htc vive pro?


there is already some Vive Pro users at il2 forum that saying there is no issues at all… just a positve reviews


There are also posts in il2 from players who report the Samsung is better… albeit many say they need to use a mod… in the il2 forum… i can’t really find any Samsung complaints in 2018… hence… when a fix was created. Keeping in mind that the problem was never a Samsung issue but a game software issue that the developers can fix at any time. Sims from il2 are from small developers and they don’t have the resources to correct the programming issue as quickly as the community wanted them too, so the gaming community did it for them with a mod. Now, I don’t know about you… but I would gladly go with an IPD modifier if I can use an HMD that has better colors, less god rays and cost hundreds less!!!

On Sunday from the IL2 forum…

_" Recently received the Samsung Odyssey and have been impressed with it so far, much more comfortable on my head than the Rift which I had previously. The tinyness in IL2 was quite disconcerting but thanks to this great forum thread and the lefuneste 3dmigoto mod I have got it running comfortably in no time. I set the Global Shift Toggle to: _

_x6 = 0.025, 0.0

I don’t see ANY advantage with the VIVE Pro in a game like IL2… particularly when in these type of sims… you should be using HOTAS instead of VR controllers.


The sweetspot seems to be an issue since i had two friends test it and they both complained about that. To me it looks just like the original VIVE. I honestly can’t say if its gotten worse. Maybe I don’t notice it any more or its just very prevalent now since the resolution made everything sharper, so the difference is more noticeable.

Regarding Oculus vs VIVE PRO, I would say it depends heavily on the game. Every game that tries to emulate real hands would be better with the oculus just because of the controllers, which do that job way better. But there are specific scenarios where they don’t. If you want to use a gun-mount for a game like onward or pavlov vr, the vive controllers are much better. If you ask specifically about Skyrim, I guess I would have been fine with just my oculus, since i don’t see too much benefit from the higher resolution.

But I have to admit:

  • I never played skyrim, so my knowledge about the mechanics of the game might be off. But the videos I’ve seen so far, look like a lot of sword and general more melee focus. So hand-simulation would be more important.
  • I have invested a lot into my oculus setup too, so room scale would work flawlessly, which it does just like the vive I would say. But that means 4 sensors mounted in every corner (near the ceiling) connected with 4 USB-3.0-repeaters. I also use a USB-3.0-controller-card in my rig, so I wouldn’t run into bandwidth issues. So a real good setup does cost a lot more than the price-tag of the oculus touch kit might let you think. The step up to a VIVE PRO, seems a lot smaller to me nowadays, since you get this kind of setup without any extra investments. Also you spare yourself a lot of work since you don’t need to wire up every sensor to your PC and hide the damn cables. :grin:


We all have our vices… but it’s good sometimes to admit them! :slight_smile:


Don’t know what you mean. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


On the sweetspot, I had a discussion on it elsewhere and an owner complained about it being smaller than on the Vive, and I told him that that probably will be a kind of misperception, because it should be the same given tehy use the same lenses.

He came back with an interesting view: it might actually be perceived to be smaller, because the relative increase of the blurring of the lenses is noticed sooner due to the higer resolution. So where the old Vive has a poorer resolution, a bit of blurring is not yet noticed because the pixels are bigger, with the Vive pro you might notice that growing blur a bit sooner.

This could be true, in which case it is even more of a bummer that HTC did absolutely nothing on its already pretty poor sweetspot as compared to the 1st gen competition.


I haven’t made any comparison yet but the sweetspot issue is something I had with every HMD so far, so I got used to dealing with it. But I guess I’m also not that sensible about those things in general. The often talked about god-ray-effect never bothered me either, even though it is very visible in some cases.

In my experience, the best “counter” to the sweetspot issue, is a good head-mount-method. You can really opt that out to a point where its not a problem anymore. Sadly the VIVE PRO is a big step up only compared to the normal VIVE, since their both so heavy. One thing I would recommend to improve this, is a VR-Cover (like this) out of cotton. Since the original foam-cover is so soft you will feel the plastic underneath very quickly even with moderate pressure. But the pressure is really needed to keep the sweetspot steady. The cover from the link is more sturdy, but still soft enough so you don’t look like this guy afterwards. :smiley:

But that sad, even with these improvements the Oculus is better at that but yet the PSVR is still king.

If Sony had implemented full PC support I would have used it pretty much with all seated games so far. Maybe even never bought a VIVE. :slight_smile: That was really a bummer to me, cause I read about a roomer long ago, that Sony might do this. I should also add, compared to all the other HMDs so far, even though the resolution is so small, the PSVR still hast the “smoothest” image-quality, in my opinion. Even compared to the VIVE PRO. The pixels might be big and well visible but you just don’t see the gabs between as much. I really would love to see one of the “big” HMDs just have the same RGB-Matrix with slightly higher resolution. Might be just the perfect solution for this gen. I also fear some games will be unplayable with the 8K, since I’m reaching the limits with the VIVE PRO. Subnautica for example (the best VR game out there in my opinion :heart_eyes:) started making problems. (on a 1080TI)


Man, I loved Subnautica. I just finished the game the other day but… the VR bugs in that game just killed me towards the end. Can’t name beacons, trouble parking vehicles in the cyclop, can’t enter door access codes, etc… Heck, I even fell through the floor of the Jelly-shroom cave into the Alien power-plant. It’s definitely a GREAT game but they really do need to fix the VR bugs before I would claim it to be the best.


Oh, that sucks… I’m still pretty much at the beginning. I hope they have that done till I get there…

The reason I would call it the best VR game is simply because I really feel genuine fear when I swim into a yet unknown region of the map. :slight_smile: Something I haven’t experienced with other games as much. Even Resident Evil 7 on PSVR was not that frightening to me. But I guess subnautica just taps in some primal-fear of me there. For example, on boat trips I find it extremely awkward to go into the water without seeing any ground. That always makes me feel like a fly, paddling on the surface being perfectly visible for every predator around. :scream:

Same thing with subnautica, I get really nervous when I have to get air in the middle of nowhere. I prefer to always have reef near by. If they had build in random reaper-leviatans I guess I could not play the game. :smiley:

Night time is also always time to go home. :joy: Man I’m a wimp…