POLL: piMax backers and non backers, have you bought (or planning to buy) a VIVE Pro?


Without doubt the immersion of that game is great. And it gets so much better as you get into it deeper. But there is definitely one part of the game… and it’s short… where you are going to be required to play the game on the monitor and not VR to do a step… door access codes. I found ways around the other issues but kinda of annoying…like naming beacons which I needed to use a lot because… well… it’s a big damn planet!!!

I used the app “Voice Attack” with Subnautica with a steam controller. Voice attack really helped. I also used one mod that I though should have been included in the game called… “auto-sort lockers” … if you get stuck or need any assistance/advice without spoiling the story… feel free to reach out to me directly.


I spoiled myself already quite a lot, thanks to all the Youtube click-bait. :slight_smile:

Regarding the mods, I will try some in the future, when I pick up subnatica again. After my initial run within beta early 2016, I now did one as 1.0 came out but I screwed it up with the aurora. (it contaminated the whole area) For the next try I want to spare me some of the most tedious BS. I’m still collecting Ideas what mods to build in, since it seems they are coming out pretty rapidly now. But I guess I will need some time to figure out what does work for VR or not. If you have some that are working good, I sure would like a list. The sorting mod I’ve already seen on Youtube and its definitely on my list. :slight_smile:

Also I imagine the 8K could ramp up the experience even more. (if the performance doesn’t totally collapse) I’m still undecided if I want to wait that long. But this was one game where the VIVE PRO did really shine, so it’ truly tempting!

But at the moment I play mostly Pavlov and other shooters since it has multiplayer and I have some toys that really keep me hooked for now. :grin:

Like I said earlier, I underestimated haptic feedback way to much until now. Regarding subnatica for example I play with the idea of using a climbing harness to kinda emulate a swimmers positioning. Could be even more frightening if you go fully nose down as you dive into an abyss. :slight_smile: I already have a hook in the ceiling that can support me + a half cow. :grin:


I got the mod at nexus. But I only really used two of them… auto-sort lockers and the map feature.

I certainly will be playing this game over in Hardcore mode once I receive my Pimax 8K.