Poll: The 8KX needs better lenses and extra color and brightness settings or presets for better black levels and colors to stay ahead of the competition and OLEDs



Some vr enthusiasts on reddit still consider the Vive pro with the Gearvr Lens mod to be the king of HMDs because of the popping colours, black levels and the clarity offered by lens mod and the OLED display.

I think that there is a lot of promise with the 8KX, but it may not be entirely well received at a high price point if the lenses and colours are not improved on, in light of OLED offerings from competitors.

Do you think Pitool should have an advanced colour and brightness settings/presets which would allow altering gamma, contrast, saturation, and backlight level control to have better black levels, and to stay competitive with other OLED VR HMDS ?

  • Yes, new gamma, brightness, contrast, saturation and backlight settings in Pitool would be great in an advanced colour settings option.
  • No.

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Would you prefer to see Pimax try to manufacture new lenses trying the above algorithm before the 8KX releases, if it is delayed until the rest of the accessories release, considering they would be cheap to manufacture?

  • Yes, I’d prefer to buy the 8KX if it had new lenses which reduced optical abberations and distortions, even if it means the 8KX was delayed until 2020.
  • No, I want the 8KX to release as soon as possible with the same lenses the 5K+ used.

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Would you like to see premade colour presets and saveable custom colour profiles (similar to what monitors have) in Pitool, and functionality added which allows for easy switching of colour profiles/preset settings in game by pressing the up/down buttons under the power button at the same time?

  • Yes.
  • No

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Improve pimax image

Do we believe that settings can “fix” the issues with the colors and blacks on an LCD screen? Yes, they can help make them better, but can they “fix” them to actual parity with OLED?
For me personally the settings that were already added have been a double-edged sword. They did help me make things “better” but are also a constant source of doubt what is actually “better” and constant nagging in my brain that I just made it “worse”. Before those settings appeared I was content that “this is how it is”.

The problem seems to me that it is not possible to accommodate extremes with one setup or at least I haven’t found a way to do it with the sliders we have now. Imagine Skyrim - dark dungeons and bright sunny snowy fields. If you make the dungeons look “right” then the sunny outdoor location will blind you. If you fix the outdoor then the dungeons are greyish. The preferred setup at the moments seems to be Brightness to the left, Contrast to the right that mostly works but leads to extreme and burning brights.
Adding even more sliders will only make things more complicated, that screen in PiTool already looks scary enough. However it is a good idea to add them if they can be used as a toll for community testing. The end goal in my mind would be to make “presets” and at some point hide the sliders under Advanced options tab. So at the end I vote “Yes” on that question with the idea that it can be helpful temporary tool.
It seems we are stuck with LCD for now, we need to find a way to make it better.


Good point, I added an extra polling to see if people want implemented into Pitool easily switchable premade colour presets on the fly by pressing buttons on the HMD.

I think given the option to change the lcd/led backlight would be enough to make the black levels a lot better.


Wait? Is this possible? I mean to switch in real time. I always restart SteamVR when I change those things because I think I need to…


It used to be possible to make some changes without restarting, possibly only to the backlight, although it seems that functionality was removed going by these comments


I thought it changed without restarting also. The screen does go black as if they are resetting


Or even PC monitors.

My ASUS 4K “gaming” monitor has presets for: Scenery Mode, Racing Mode, Cinema Mode, RTS/RPG Mode, FPS Mode, sRGB Mode, and User Mode. It has 5 levels of Blue Light Filter, Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Color Temp, Skin Tone, Smart View, Sharpness, Vivid Pixel, and 4 custom user settings.

Now that I’ve configured the custom settings (using the other options), those are all I use. (Actually, I only use the first 3, since I haven’t actually needed a 4th setting.


Custom colour preset slots sound like a great idea. I wonder if changing the full range of colour is possible without restarting?

Apparantly you used to be able to change brightness and contrast without having to restart the HMD, so it should be possible


@Pimaxusa @Dallas.Hao is it possible to change the newer colour presets on the fly without restarting Pitool like in older versions of Pitool?

Having multiple custom colour settings profiles which are switchable in game by pressing a combination of buttons on the headset,
but also saveable to a games settings profile, so we can have different custom colour presets for each game, is probably the number 1 feature request I’d love to see after Brainwarp 2.0/Dynamic foveated rendering and distortion correction with the eye tracker

Also here’s the link to the journal which contains the new lens formula if Pimax is interested in exploring it.
The other journal articles by the same author, and the one on ray tracing in the related list at the bottom of the page on the link below could be useful to look at too


I would guess that changing color modes should not need a restart. As you say, nethier brightness or contrast needs that, and the changes are most likely made in post and not in the core rendering pipeline.


These features really need to be priorities for pimax, they should be working on them already if they have any feel about the current market and their competitors.


The brightness should be better than the 8K, since the 8KX is supposed to have full RGB subpixels (instead of checkerboard “rainbow” G/RB subpixels. That should improve the contrast also. Hopefully, the black levels will also be improved, but I haven’t seen that mentioned (but I might have missed it).


The 8kx should also include eye tracking by default, not as an option, and auto IPD if it doesn’t add too much weight and cost to the headset. But eye tracking is a must to alleviate GPU load and display cable bandwidth.