Poll: when do you think Pimax starts shipping


Let’s see how your expectations are regarding shipment day. Pimax will start shipping:

    1. Q2 2018
    1. Q3 2018
    1. Q4 2018
    1. Q1 2019
    1. Later than Q1 2019
    1. NULL

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My prediction they will start shipping small quantities by the end of Q4 with updates of manufacturing set backs through next year


I’m a little more optimistic, I think that we’re looking at minor corrections resulting from the M1 testing program, then starting production on a limited scale for shipping to backers some time around July/August, ramping up to full scale towards September.


Not trying to be negative but Im betting it will be a slow ramp up with lots of excuses. Final kickstarters orders delivered q1 2019 earliest. By that time Oculus and others will be announcing their new models. Pimax will only be ahead for a short period


I predict they’ll start shipping in Q3 but the majority will be shipped Q4 and into Q1.


I guess in June,small batch.


When It’s Ready™
They’re still saying Q2 so until they change that, I have no reason to say otherwise.
When they change it, I will then have a reason.


I guess it will be October 2018. Reasons can be read here:


This tidbit of info would actually suggest a delay for HMDs shipped to backers.

The Series A funding Pimax completed in late 2017 was from a Chinese government grant, as is the VR Park.

You can bet top-dollar that Pimax will make sure to deliver to their institutional investors BEFORE random KS backers, if the timelines should collide and push comes to shove.

Overall I’m really happy Pimax is therefore commited to delivering SOMETHING usable to SOMEONE by October 2018 the latest. Fulfillments to backers will then be question of production and QS capacity.


Q3 for the headsets, but Q1 2019 for people that will whait for full pack.


They didn’t have “torture us with incremental delays indefinitely” as an option.


On the 12th day of christmas :christmas_tree: pimax sent to me


I hope the VR headset will ship Q2, the Phantom controllers in Q3 and a bundle package in Q4.


Why do you call them phantom controllers?? If they decide to pick a name i sure hope it’s not that one…


2019 or 2020
By then it probably becomes irrelevant. If it gets to that, I will definitely buy another brand with the latest tech, not Chinese made. The Chinese business style of always over promise by a landslide (90hz, brainwarp(0 info on this since last year) scent module, AIO add on, inside out tracking, eye tracking… lol pimax is having trouble even getting the hmd done right, I have no hope for them to get all those working in a meaningful timeframe) gets me disappointed as the days go by.

At this point I dont have faith it will even be delivered. I’m not saying it wont be delivered. If it came, great, if not. I’m just going to laugh it off and admit I made a mistake backing kickstarter and get on with life.

At the moment, 2d gaming keeps me quite happy. It’s not immersive like vr but it’s not a shallow puddle like 97.25% of vr games are. (Except skyrim which is… amazing)

But this is my personal opinion
2019 or 2020. By then I might have purchased something else.


Too much soil~~~~~~~~


We have to be realistic

The 8k is still nothing more than a prototype. The controllers are in the form of a plastic block. Still no sign of a headstrap. V2 basestations still not in stock even tho they were low risk and due to ship in February. Eyetracking, Scent module and wireless non existent. 8KX no single word on it. Brainwarp a big fantasy nobody can understand. Piplay… Still full of bugs after years of feedback from the community

By the time we receive our units there will be much better things on the horizion


At least we got so confrontated with all the different VR Topics in the meantime, that we absolutly know what we have to look for on the next HMD.

And for me a personal lesson: Never ever put Money into kickstarter. Pay the ~20-40% more money on the end “IF” the final product is available, and save my nerves and time :slight_smile:


Seems all the big problems are refeesh rate ,blurry vision ,ipd and screen brightness ,well thats everything then lol


That’s why I felt 2019 or 2020. Because pretty much nothing is ready.