Poll: when do you think Pimax starts shipping


Ain’t you a little pesimistic?


For peak sales I’d say Q1 2019 (for actual post Kickstarter campaign online sales via stores) as this will coincide with possible next gen Nvidia GPU release - or mean customer only has to wait until same time period or Q2 2019 for AMD to launch their next gen card also, forcing Nvidia to release beforehand with a card potentially 20+% faster than 1080Ti which is VERY important to showcase the capability of the headset Vs competition.

Basically the later the better, for us, if Pimax are going for 90hz goal promise + the missing ‘brainwarp’ as if you wait another 6 months the technology should just be in place at the Pimax development department giving them a tiny 2 months window (Nov/Dec 2018) to ship out the ‘backers’ headsets first to us!!!

Also I think just over 1 year since end of Kickstarter campaign is a ‘marketable’ and ‘fair’ time to wait which should seem acceptable to most rational ‘Futurists’ and online reviewers salivating at the opportunity to critique the headset the moment it’s launched.

Pimax MUST get this right, or they wil miss a huge opportunity to be a market leader, potentially superceeding HTC VIVE overnight = maximised sales and profit.

So deliver 90hz, brainwarp, superior FOV and we’ll all be happy and the competition sad.


If they start shipping in q2, I will be surprised as it seems very unrealistic. Q3 going into q4 seems more on the money, but following the theme of these delays, who knows if that’s even realistic.


yes, and despite the fact that Pimax stated over and over during the kickstarter campaign that their backers would always come first.


About those v2 basestations. While I really aren’t interested in the pi palm controllers, there is a good opportunity to create a desirable lighthouse 2.0.
How’s that? By putting Xbox Kinect Tech inside the lighthouses for hassle free, uniform body tracking for anybody with pimax lh.


I believe m1 going to be on the money so Q2 for announced production started


I don’t expect anything this year around. I once backed a DIY beamer forum project, also Chinese made. It took forever to complete and then forever to ship. When the unit arrived, the available interfaces on it were no longer the industry standard anymore. Still i have faith in the product being sent sometime. Although it will indeed be outdated by that time. Hope it’s worth the money, this Kickstarter project was the first i backed. What i have learned from this is that the promises there are not to be taken too seriously. The good things of Pimax to this date are that they are listening to this community, the bad are without a doubt, that the communication and the answering of quistions, is very poor and not by any modern standards. And that in a time communication is so easy :thinking: Some people play hard with the way questions are asked here, but simply not replying on these is not done. As a company, you cant just ignore the tough to answer ones… I think just that important thing is whats unnerving the most people here. And what adds to the negative feelings being thrown in this forum. Just update frequently and answering the questions would do the trick. I don’t think the wait is the biggest problem.


i guess the real question here is how many times can you get it wrong before its right


I think being optimistic some early backers might get theirs in July if the M1 test goes according to plan. My take is they are going to send these M1 units to testers (because they are pretty much final) for glowing previews. Once they get the greenlight from the testers (June) then it’s full production mode for July.


Realistically though that means all 8 or 10 testers would have to agree that the device is perfect…
How big are the odds of that happening?? rofl

If even one or two people find something small they don’t like, it will need to be investigated!
It’s not like: (oh we’ll fix it in a week and start shipping.) no no no…
The devices then need to be sent back and the problem needs to be addressed.

After that… Shipping? Haha. No… Because guess what? It will have to be tested again! To see if the issue these particular testers had is fixed.
Then and only then will the device go into full production.
This is the way it goes for any other company. I don’t see why it would be different for pimax. They can’t afford to mess this up.

So unless m1 is perfect, we are looking at december to mid next year.