Poor Frame Rate & Picture Quality


I was using the latest version 3.0.81 and trying to play Project Cars 2 - I get around 20 fps and if I turn everything off it only goes to around 28fps. I have since rolled back to version 1.1.92 to use the steam renderer but it won’t let me change to direct mode and I always get a warning from steamvr. Also fps is still an issue with this version - I really should be able to get decent frame rates but don’t know what’s going on.

I have run diagnostics on my PC and also benchmarked it and it is getting around what it should so don’t think there is anything hardware wise going on.

PC Specs are : GTX 1080ti, i7 4790k running at 4GHz but boosts to 4.4GHz & 16GB RAM.


@Community @jonnypanic might have some setup tips on Project Cars 2


Thanks, I think I’ve fixed it. Reinstalled windows and installed a fresh copy of steam and pimax 1.1.92. Steering wheel stopped working but just needed to delete the project cars 2 folder under documents if anyone else is having issues.