Possible Counterfeit Pimax?



Since i have bought my used Pimax 4k, the Serial Number displayed looks like this:

Also the Forward and Backward Buttons on the top are pressed in like this:

The Seller told me he already received the Device like this.
The Pimax works fine, still ime wondred if there are any Counterfeit Pimax Devices on the Market.
I also couldent find any Posts about others having an Permanent invalid Serial Number, this makes me curious.


@Dallas.Hao might want to look into this.


Can you post more pics of the headset? They did revise the 4k headset somewhat at last release.

Does it run in piplay/pitool?

There was a rebrand p4k under name Aukey.


Yea, it works like it should with PiPlay.
Around 0.1% of the Pixels are dead, i count 15 or so, i guess that should be normal.
The Plastics and the Packaging look properly maden, just the the Buttons and the Serial make me wonder.


Pics generally look good. The buttons do look different from what I have been used to.

Sorry to hear about dead pixels. I know @Century found a great deal on the Aukey 4k rebrand for under $100. Around $67us I believe.


Around 60 Bucks is correct. But its difficult to get a hand on it.
15~ dead pixels on a 4k Screen are fine for the Price, i was just wondered.
We can probably #Close this


It cost me exactly $ 60 :sunglasses: (+shipping)