Possible solution to Parallel Projections



As far as I know software IPD don´t suppose any performance cost. I’ve been playing a lot with it and with a game with PP needed, like PC2, if we disable PP we get a picture similar to this;

(both eyes represented, FOV mask, I’ve inclined both pictures as in canted displays and I’ve separate them)

If we set Software IPD to -5 we get a picture similar to this one;

Setting it to -10 we get a picture similar to this;

I think if we could set it to -15 or so, the picture would be like this;

The center of the picture is almost perfect, if we look at both sides we see some double vision caused by the inclination of each screen but I think if our eyes focuses on the tree (for example) it would be easy to them to create a unique 3d picture. It should work with the center too.
Sure it will not be perfect but with a gain of 40% in performance, disabling PP I think our brain would do the trick. It must :crazy_face:

@PimaxVR @PimaxUSA @SweViver could you give it a try and set Software IPD to -15 or so, and see if we could handle it? I’d prefer this option just for the boost in performance.

(I think this “trick” is only feasible with racing games)


I don’t believe that’s a good idea. Even if you try to focus on the center, imperfections in peripheral vision will attract your attention (like distortions). And I’m afrait it could be worst for prescription glasses wearers.


I had already tried this(by modifying the value in a config file beyond what the slider allows), the view doesn’t line up at all depths(cockpit looks fine, objects in the distance have ‘double’ image).


Ohh I see, setting it at -10 the copkit looks great so I thought we could give it a try, thanks for the info


Because the IPD setting adjusts for your actual IPD, setting it to correct PP issues would only force your eyes to focus inward (crosseyed) or outward (parallel) in a very exaggerated way, making it quite uncomfortable or even painful for your eyes. Try to view a stereo pair with a huge space between the images to see what this feels like.


This does not help you with PP and only distorts the stereo view. When you change the IPD offset it just adjusts the eye positions for which the game renders the content. If you manage to set IPD to zero, it will render both views from the same spot and the picture will be perfect. But you will have totally messed up the stereo view, possibly with double images and objects rendered at divergent (virtual) places.


Yes I know, or I guess it, but even with PP on there are many reflexions that are present only in one eye, and with SM on, there are a lot of artifacts too, but when in a race you kind to forget it
I just say that would be nice to have the chance to try it, setting it to -10 is not enough, maybe -12 -13 both views would be aligned, Pimax only has to set the number a bit lower, maybe for racing games it’s good enough and with a boost of 30/40% in performance