Potential release for retail consumer version?


Any rough estimate for this yet?


No one on the forum knows, probably not even Pimax. It will happen after the Kickstarter backers and business partners get theirs.

I’d guess sometime early-to-mid next year.


What do you base that guess on?
Damn I really hope it won’t take that long.


It’s pure speculation, based on the continual delays we’ve seen. The backer shipments were originally planned for January 2018, but still haven’t started.

I also hope it won’t take that long. The sooner I get my headset, the sooner the retail version will ship.


Well yes but supposedly they’re now in the stage of mass production so I do expect backers to have their sets end of august by the latest really. So then if we can pre order we should have them right after.


unexpected out of the blue delays have been happening over and over since January, Pimax keep missing their projections so I wouldn’t hold your breath for an Aug backer release…


The so called “Mass production” is only just starting and the first sets are going to business buyers not backers. We still don’t have a more accurate statement on backer HMD production timeline but even when that begins it is going to take a few months to produce and supply HMD’s for the backers and then all other accessories to follow. I’m expecting it to take a good 4-6months from the start of backer shipments to retail shipments if not longer.


[quote=“jTeller, post:6, topic:6908, full:true”]…so I wouldn’t hold your breath for an Aug backer release…
I’m hopeful that some backer headsets will ship in Aug, but I seriously doubt that all the backer headsets will have shipped even by September. Also, if the retail package will include accessories, that will add even more of a delay, since the initial backer shipments won’t include those.


Even though I’m way down the backer line I’m still cheering for the beginning of the backer shipments…this ball has to get rolling soon. Jesus something has to give, this train needs to at least leave the station :slight_smile:


Maybe the driver still has a bit of eye strain