Pré order 122×××



Added Dallas to your post. I don’t have access to the detail your looking for. It is around 2am in china.

Address details can be tricky. For example where I live usually comes up the city detail is wrong & have to default to a near by city for some reason.


Special Characters have been identified as sometimes causing address issues.


There was no special character in my adress or name. Maybe it was rejected because I left Adress2 blank (modified by spliting my adress in 2 lines) or because I had a second adress (the same one, so I deleted it).

Many of us got that same email, some of us got it twice like @Damixu

ps: @SoRoN I’m also in France and P1220xx unfulfilled too :wink:


I hear you there. I think they’ve just have too much on their plates. Hopefully this is resolved soon.


I’m in France too and P1226XX unfulfilled


sur le site il etait ecrit expedier avant le 22 fevrier !! si dans 2 jour y a pas de message comme quoi c est expedier … je prendrai un autre casque vr d un concurrent


And the early preorders were supposed to send after January 25, so what should I say with the P122X number?


4 days and still no news

@Pimax-Support @Dallas.Hao @Sean.Huang


I’m in the UK, P121xxx ordered in October. Not heard anything yet, but I wasn’t expecting to either :wink:

Edit: I can only hope this means they’re happy with my address!


I’m i France, P1227xx ordered in end of December, I still have no information. :confused:
Other people in France have already had their helmet? if yes, what order number did you have?


still no news … I think seriously to cancel my order!


Commande 122xxx fevrié, toujours aucunes réponses ni mail…j hesites aussi à annuler…


" US Pre-order P1225xx shipped

Received email on order status update from Pimax Feb 28th with UPS tracking number (UPS Ground). Status stayed as “Label created” during the day, but got updated to “in transit” later that night. Estimated delivery date is Mar 4th

Edit: la commande s’applique uniquement à un casque 5k +.

Edit2: Je reçois aussi un email concernant “adresse de livraison incomplète” il y a une semaine.

pre order :Dec 14th "

What is this mess !!?? I am number 1220xx and the 1225xx pass before ?? What is your crappy organization? I ordered in November me !!
explanation @Dallas.Hao @Pimax-Support


I ordered October 27 and to this day I do not have any information about the shipment (preorder P122X)