Pre-order cancel request



@Dallas.Hao @Pimax-Support

Pre-order #123320
support ticket#:[SUP-18]

last week i requested my pre-order be canceled as I do not wish to remain in the unknown for my pre-order delivery. I’ve contacted support twice so far with no response. As the ticket suggested with no one able to supply a delivery date and from what it sounds like US office is in the midst of being setup. Please cancel my order and I will re-order once pimax is properly situated



@Dallas.Hao @Pimax-Support

I did not hear anything as off this past Friday, do I really need to resort to contacting my Bank?


The communication is literary completely blank

No post of progress.

Support is down_ <- i got account somehow but it said have the incorrect password, belive me im not mistaken the password input,

95% of the staff not answering any issue about shipping, tracking, canceling.

And pimax 8k is sold out
Can we get at least some news/info don’t keep people in the dark.

Disclaimer: this is no hate reply


Okay tx the info I shall look about a complaint/dispute through my bank and once i have my re4fund I wont look at this product anymore.


@Dallas.Hao @Pimax-Support

Dispute submitted with my Bank today for my cancellation and refund. Hope the communication and shipping get sorted out in the near future.

Thank you for your Time and best wishes