Pre order - contacted me regarding wrong address. Support case SUPEN-2080



Hi, I ordered a Pre-Order, but I guess at the point of shipping, the PreOrder department believe there is an error with my address. I cannot log in to the main website to change my address as I have no account there apparently.
The address is actually correct except for some reason your system added “Essex” to the end of the town name.

I tried to create an account yesterday but of course it has no link to my preorder…

I logged a support case with my correct address, and also replied to preorder via email the correct address, but I have not heard anything.

As you are the point of shipping it would be great if it could be looked at more urgently -thanks. Support case is SUPEN-2080 @Dallas.Hao @Sean.Huang


Did you get a response?


Hi Vajuras,

On Monday 18/12/2019

  1. replied to preorder email informing me of the issue, heard nothing
  2. Created a support ticket - heard nothing.
  3. Created this post, nothing.

It’s now Saturday 23/2/2019 heard nothing at all. I so need to cancel this - this is appalling.


OK some good news for me and for anyone in similar situation, support contacted me a few days ago on 25th February, they reset it so I could activate my account and correct how my address was stored. BTW I really think the address system is incorrect as it was all entered correctly originally, yet had the county/region in twice.

The delays in comms were bad and quite worrying but thanks to Pimax for coming back to me and sorting things eventually.