Preorder almost shipping email?



has anyone received the below email and then had there unit ship? how much time passed from email to shipment?


Dear customer,​
We have started arrange preorder shipment, we will confirm your address info before arrange your shipment.
Thank you and Have a good day

Yours sincerely,
Preorder | PimaxVR


This is what I got.

Dear Customer,

We 're arranging shipment for Pre-order orders according to the order number,and we’re speeding up the schedule.Some backer even received their headset. Pls wait patiently and appreciate for your kindness.

Thanks for your support and Have a good day!

Yours sincerely,
Preorder | PimaxVR

I guess yours are being shipped. Congrats! How long did you wait for?


Right I don’t think they actually know when ppl are to get their order, I’ve been trying to cancel my pre-order since end of last week all i get is false promise replies like the last one stating pre-orders will be… wait for it… “Shipped before March 25th” right? again with the “Shipped”. Anyhow i personally have had enough and want no part of their shipping tactics or lack their of. Good luck to you all


I don’t mean to be rude to the company & people who replied these messages back to us but I think with the company at this scale with HQ currently set in US should at least consider putting CS support personnel with english as their first language… but even that doesn’t matter if company has no idea how soon their back orders will ship… not even an estimate…

Potentially great product… horrible company system…


Agreed this is the worst thing I’ve ever had to deal with. What appears to be a great company producing a great product but yet, you pay over $600 and they’ve invested in a “shipping” system whoops okay tx for your moneys it may “ship” by x date as we’ve done our part and sent it off, out of our hands as to exactly when it get delivers you may receive it next week or heck 4 months from when we “shipped” it? That’s just interesting to say the least