Preorders...anyone received theirs?


P12xx, balkans:(, received yesterday, got mail from DPD first and few days later from Pimax. It was first-second day preorder.


You lucky guy, I did not even get an answer if everything is okay with my address. Also on that day I bought 5K + in preorder P122X.


Paypal protects me until August 30, if I do not receive my set by this time I am asking for a refund by Paypal.
In the end, I was assured that they would send the order by March 25.
After reading the entries as we are treated, I am deeply shocked.
I feel sorry for everyone.


Pre ordered 30 october, 21xxx, location Germany. Got email from DPD that the HMD will arrive tommorow.


Great news, it’s good to hit you.

Earlier news from DPD was not present, immediately inform about delivery?