Prescription lenses


I am near sighted and wear glasses in my headset (pimax 4K). But my glasses are not big and some clarity above and below my glasses is lost when I look there. It’s not a big area so it doesn’t matter a lot. But in the 8K it will definately matter more.

So I will use the free lens module and have it shaped by my optician for my eyes. I just wonder this: Will it need to be a very unique shape? Because the 200fov lenses will wrap around your head a little, while normal glasses won’t do that. Will the optician be able to cut the lenses correctly with a standard machine and procedure? I kinda doubt that…


The frame inserts are flat not curved , sit much closer to your eye than the lenses, like a pair of glasses. hopefully they wont be in the way.


I’m sure they won’t be in the way then. Wasn’t Pimax also trying to make it possible for the eye tracker to work together with the prescriprion lens module?



The standard aGlass eyetracker module has a lens mounting option (replaces the prescription lens module). I assume that the aGlass module for the Pimax 8K will also have this feature, but this has NOT been confirmed.


Spectacles tend to use a ‘wrap around’ style in order to give fov to the sides. The prescription lenses holder did look flat, and the aglass example is for 110fov and quite flat so we’re yet to see how it will be adapted for 200fov.
In the end any lense holder that is going to give 200fov will have to be wrap around.
I’ve often thought that the prescription lense holder is designed to fit a hmd instead of designed to fit (and be useful to) a human, inside a hmd. They should essentially be glasses without arms, not a flat piece of plastic with holes to put lenses in.
I always use contact lenses in vr as I haven’t seen another solution come close yet. It’s worth the investment.