Problem with DeoVR player after latest update


Hi all,
I installed a last update and received a big problems with DeoVR - a lot of freezes, it ts impossible to see any video? I just see loading icon a lot of time and crash after it.
I spent a lot of time with codecs setup to receive exellent quality and smooth playback of 6K video with DeoVR, but new Piplay update destroied all my efforts.
There can I download previous version? Please, help anybody)


Looks like codec issues, look for the latest LAV and make sure they are active and not blocked by other codecs. BTW even if it got a little messed up check my VR Player thread. There are better players out there. I don’t see the point of playing 6k on a medium quality player anyway . 4k on whiriligig or simpleplayer looks better than 6k on Deo. With a couple of tweaks that fit your hardware you can run 6k on those players and enjoy 6k if your machine can handle it.


Title banner I believe has 2.07.54 link