Problem with display mirroring, any help?



So I’ve set up my Primax 5k+ and everything went perfectly and game runs smoothly,
but there is minor problem that really bothers me. Whatever game I play, no matter what it is,
game thats mirrored on my PC display is never centered, it always shows right eye side of the
screen. Doesn’t change no matter what option I change such as steamvr display mirroring
setting to center view, playing game on fullscreen mode, changing resolution of the game or
pc. I’ve seen some of the topics or discussion about this problem but none of them had a
right answers for it. Anyone got same problem as me? Please let me know if you have solution.
Thank you.

Im also using 40inch 4k monitor, idk if that does something to the headset but just letting you
guys know.


This is due to the High FoV & known. Unfortunately not sure if this can be remedied unless Valve fixes it.


dang, I heard oculus had a same issue and they released oculus something that can fix that problem. I dont remember the name of the app. But I hope pimax can do that too.


@SweViver might know of an ap as well with doing youtube vids.


Yes this is because you are mirroring only one of the eyes/displays, either left or right. The wide peripheral view rendered on Pimax will of course cover a lot of the panel area (either its left or right eye view) and this is why your mirror view is not centered.

The only solution is to use OBS with the OpenVRinput plugin, then crop off some (or a lot) of the peripheral view of you right or left eye view. This is how I do it. If you do not record anything, you can at least set the view as full screen on your TV.

Here is the free plugin for OBS:

As you can read bove, “Either left or right eye image can be captured”.


Thank you for the help!