Problems with radeon vii error in pimax

There have been several problems with using pimax over the past six months, but the biggest problem is compatibility with radeon vii.

When radeon vii is being used in pimax, the computer stops or crashes in beatsaber, vrchat (maps with Realtime Lighting), or other VR games.
Although we have made numerous changes to PiTool or graphics card drivers in the last six months on this issue, the same problem has always occurred in all versions.

The thing I’m angry about is that graphics cards like GTX1080 don’t have this problem.
And only when using pimax does problem occur, and no problem occurs when using vive.

When is it possible to solve the compatibility problem with radeon vii?
I can’t stand the fact that my computer is Shuts Down by an error.

Has any of this improved? I have the Vega FE and am curious.

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Not that has been revealed. Maybe next pitool will have gains. But this has been confirmed to be more of a pimax specific issue as non pimax headsets are not affected.

Pimax & Amd are suppose to be working on a fix.

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Makes sense, I mean I get that they are optimizing for the dominant GPU manufacturer. But some AMD love would be much appreciated, since this is holding me back from dropping them benjamins right now.

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On the bad though. The Vega issue has been known since the P4k where they released a p4k special firmware work around.

So it is curious why pimax & Amd haven’t resolved this yet.

I know from XP Amd has worked quite well prior to the changes towards vega. On the p4k I had 2×7950 CF running quite well. Med (yellow) Steamvr Perf test & Green on the r9 390.

The R9 390 on the i5 6500 also does quite decently on the 8k & 5k which is quite surprising for it’s age.

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Are you still running any AMD hw at the moment?

AMAD hardware? If you mean AMD?

Main Systems W10 (gaming & VR)
R9 2700x 16g dddr4 3200 1080ti
I5 6500 16g ddr3 2666 r9 390 8g

Linux (gaming)
Apu 7700 16g ddr3 2400
I5 6500 16g ddr3 Nvidia 770? 4g

Still have some hardware not setup
Fx6300 16g ddr3 2133 r7950 (w10)
Fx8350(2), i7 4790, with MB & lots of ddr3 memory.

A couple of low powered zbox & such as well. Brick psu pcs & a Raspberry pi 3 & mini Rasp.

Interesting, I had to actually put an aftermarket cooler and aftermarket 90mm fans on the cooler to get my old 390x to a state where it did not thermal throttle all the time. I also run the 1080TI in my main rig now but upgraded to the 3700X for the Vive wireless adapter.

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