Progress Update Discussion Nov 29/2018


@Matthew.Xu has pinned Topic & I have added a link in the 5k+ 8k Directory in Banner topic.


Thank you for the detailed, realistic update! I hope the new housing source turns out to be more reliable.

Production Progress Update Jan 29/2019

Yes, although not that good news, but finally a kind of update we need! Very good, thank you @Matthew.Xu!


Thanks for the update @Matthew.Xu :+1:


Thanks, appreciate the update.
I wonder if Pimax has only one housing supplier. It sounds as if their quality is shitty :thinking:



It is not about there being just one supplier, it is about having a single press form.


That is very welcome, thank you Matthew! And also the promise of having updates several times a week sounds superb.
Sad to hear about problems out of your control with the housing manufacturer though.

At max intended capacity that would be 300 units a day, let’s say that starts the first of December and runs 7 days a week, there should be 6300 headsets ready before Christmas :slight_smile: Which would pretty much reach the 90% chance for “most” backers to have their pledge by Christmas :slight_smile: , assuming fast delivery anyway; if delivery takes another two - three weeks then only like half of the backers will get it for Christmas.

I mean of course, it’s the trademark Pimax over optimistic estimation but well, we can hope.

Edit: damn! Just saw the “behind the scenes” pictures… cool! Though wow it makes me wonder how much of the assembly process is done by hand…?


It appears that a LOT of precision handiwork is required to assemble one of these headsets. Those suits don’t look that comfortable; I’m glad I don’t have to wear something like that at my job! :sweat:


It must be frustrating for the company to be in this situation as much as backers. Hope this can be resolved soon. Lots of updates appreciated and thanks for your hard work.


Yeah, it isn’t comfortable at all. Really hot and sweaty. I’ve had to wear some “light” version of this kind of gear when doing IT work in a laboratory environment. And yeah, nobody enjoys those suits lol.

I guess designing and tooling an automated production line for something like this would cost millions (that they don’t have), so it’s understandable.


One other question.
Would these be pimax specific engineers/assemblers or just generic warehouse people that you buy that are already trained to assemble electronics.

Also, it would be nice to know exactly what’s not up to spec. Like is something 1nm out? Or what exactly is the issue?


Next week, when the new housing arrives, we will speed up the production schedule. When the production capacity reaches 100 units per day, we will add more production lines for production.
The headset modules are manually installed, and the whole assembly is on the assembly line.
I will update the production schedule for these two days tomorrow.


Because the assembled factory is a dust-free workshop, it is necessary to wear such a work uniform.


Thank you!

You’ve no idea how welcome just simple news like what you brought today is :slight_smile:
Even if they’re just estimates, it really helps give us an idea of how Pimax is doing today!


Yes, that’s what I thought. These are trained professionals, qualified to work in a precision assembly area (and I hope they are well-paid). Still, I’m glad I don’t need to wear such a suit!


Here’s an idea of electronics production in China.


These people are our own assembly workers. They are all professional assemblers. We have trained them, and each of them has his own assembly process, and we have released SOP on their operating platform.
China has a very strong assembly and production mode. Please don’t worry.
Thank you.


Now that we have new suppliers in production, please rest assured.


Best way to reassure us is to keep the detailed progress reports coming, just like you did this time. Much appreciated.


Thank you for your advice. I will continue to update.