Progress Update Discussion Nov 29/2018


Yep, hence “totally” xD Still got to receive the other stuff too :slight_smile:


Anyone seen what the last backer number was for the email about selecting which headset you want? Wondering if they have been sending anymore out since the last ones.


I’ll def still be here

  1. Last sent on the 5th. Refer to this continuasly updated doc:


wow backer #30 just got a tracking number today when #444 has had his for a month now. not very fair


So what? Aint like the courier company has to deliver you first before going to the next. It matters the distance to your country, city, weather factors etc. Be glad, at least you received the tracking.


Actually they send units to warehouses first where they are then distributed from. Notice how he is the latest german to get tracking number.

Then it also depends on if 5k+ or 8k is chosen. So it is just done so for cheaper delivery. Noone should be getting the same type of hmd as someone before that someone if they live in the same shipping region.


Oh and 444 is the moderator here Heliosurge he got his asap as a thanks for the moderating!


Everybody who has over one thousand posts should get a bump. They used my “where’s pimax” graphics art, that should get me a boost. And all the other countless hrs I spent on photo stuff. @Matthew.Xu @xunshu @PimaxVR


Press form ?
More like one guy running a single 3d printer that produces 1 unit every twelve hours.


That did make me laugh :joy: lol


Yes, you should! You and Vorinami both should get something. That artwork is… legendary! I’ve got that thread bookmarked: Full of anticipation

If you haven’t seen the artwork on that link, get something to drink, get comfortable and settle in for a long session of laughs: prepare to enter the minds of some very talented, slightly twisted artists!


I should get bumped, because… I was one of the earliest backers (literally seconds after it began), numbering in the 120s, and I did that so I’d get one sooner rather than later :sweat_smile:


To some extent, I’m happy to wait a few more months, so that the initial problems get sorted out.


Wow! Thx man! :blush: really appreciate it! Even because of lot of work it’s been quite long time since my last contribution :sweat_smile: you all have a nice day!


Nov 5th: Because there were 30 units in warehouse before, plus 20 units of output that day. So there are 50 units in warehouse.

Nov 6th: There was a software breakdown on the production line that day, so 15 units were put in warehouse the next day. You can see In warehouse on the 7th.

From Nov 5th to Nov 7th we produced 55 units.

I have confirmed with the factory that the products produced on that day may not be stored in warehouse on that day, but may be stored in warehouse on the next day.

All the products produced yesterday and the day before yesterday have been put in warehouse this morning.

Thank you


Well technically you produced only 35 since there was already 30 in the warehouse


I found this questioning about the numbers is unnecessary and waste of Matthew’s resources. The guy gives us a daily report of the units made etc, but it seems it’s still not enough: he must now explain every row and column just to get a follow up question.


thank you very much @Matthew.Xu we know now exactly what is going about production and delivery. day by day ! ( wow. better than expected :wink: ). it was boring before to stay without nothing about this.

thank you very much.

Just for information on facebook groups, lot of people hesitate to buy because of time of delivery. they know that is very long and last backer will be deliver in some too long months, then they are waiting for other unit, samsung odyssey+, next generations.

it’s very important for pimax to found a solution to accelerate quickly production and delivery, because they loose lot of buyers.

Best regards and good luck, and thank you again very much about this thread and your devotion :wink:


For backers who already recived Pimax mail reliable info about how munch units is in warehouse is very important becouse when this value hit 200 than will be a shipment to us. I have not understood the whole process now it is clear.
BTW no one forced Mathew to answer the question & let’s hope that by answering it, production has not decreased :wink: Peace .

@Matthew.Xu Thank you