Progress Update Discussion Nov 29/2018


I am. Thanks! Please keep up this excellent level of communication. :+1:

Many Kickstarter backers like to feel that they are part of the process and will assume the worst when they don’t know what is going on or feel like they are not being told the truth. Also, most of us WANT Pimax to be successful, so don’t worry too much about some of the negativity on this forum.


Yes there have been more posts from Pimax in the last hour than there have been in the last month. A very welcome turnaround in communication.


The next goal is to reach 100 units per day / line by the end of November.

@Matthew.Xu, How many production lines will you have by the end of November? This is a critical information you didn’t provide.


@Matthew.Xu thank you for the update


I’m so happy we have a proper update!


Increasing production lines will involve the following issue:

  1. The production line must meet the standard of 100 sets per day per production line;
  2. Materials need to meet production line production;
  3. As I mentioned before, I will update the production schedule when the production line reaches 100 sets per day.

And I will update the production and bottlenecks in the forum. Thank you


Did anyone asked for a 5KBE yet? are the component available for it too?


KS backer do not have the 5K BE order, so we will adjust the production plan later. We first need to ensure the order production of KS backer. Thank you


sorry, is this no more correct :

  1. Pimax8K backer can add $100 to switch to Pimax 5K BE;

from this post :

Edit: or you just mean no Backer asked for it yet?


I’m sorry, but I’ll confirm that. Thank you


Good update that was long overdue. However in future if there are problems or potential delays please forget about losing face and just let us know. You don’t need to go into specific details. I think this would be better than having rowdy forum posts and bad info across the net spreading.


Thank you for your post. I just confirmed with my team that Pimax support is responsible for statistics of backers who need to change order.
I will confirm the production schedule of 5K BE schedule with production department as soon as possible and then I will reply to you again. Thank you


That was a fast reply…
Are you on steroids today ? :):joy:

Thanks for the quick updates.


I am glad your are back matthew.xu! We haven’t had that much information oand/or feedback in months. This is great.


Thanks for the detailed update!



Could you seek informations about the ability to add single base stations to our pledge ?

At the time of the KS your FAQ specified single base station would be available for sale on pimax website.

Then recently xunshu has said this finally won’t be the case and that base stations could only be bought when bundled.

We saw that recently with the pre-orders offering to pre-order a controler bundle containing 2x pimax controlers and 2x base stations, for an unknown final price but asking for a $300 deposit to pre-order it.

I’m really worried by that because at the time of the KS I have built my pledge according to the promise written in your FAQ that single base station could be purchased from pimax website, so I only added a single one to my pledge thinking I could add another later which now reveals to be impossible…

The only way pimax currently offers to add more base stations to our pledge is to pre-order this pimax controller bundle but what about people who may want to leave their options open to chose between pimax controllers and knuckles ?

And even if we opt for pimax controllers we may not need 2 additionnal base stations from this bundle if we already have 1 or more from the KS pledge.

Xunshu has said several weeks ago pimax was negociating with the base stations supplier when we asked about the possibility to use the $100 coupon (from switching to 5K+) to add additional base stations to our pledge, but then we never heard about the result of this negociation.

This is also very annoying because while we were waiting for this answer pimax has open pre-orders for this controller bundle. So there must now be many people (backers or non-backers) already in the line as they have pre-ordered this bundle.

That’s not cool for backers who were waiting for an answer about how to add one or more base stations to their pledge (and this controller bundle will not be a valid solution for every backer anyway, depending how many base stations they already have in their pledge and if they want to leave their options open to be able to chose between knuckles and pimax controllers).


Dear @neelrocker,
Please submit your requirement to our service desk, my team will collecting all requirements of service desk. And I will ask requirements at the company’s weekly meeting. Thank you

Here is the service desk link:

Thanks a lot.


@ matthew.xu is the production also at weekend or is the weekend free for workes?


They have a rest every Sunday.


thx for fast answering!! Btw when do you finish your working day today? Its late in China now :slight_smile: